Raw frostbite is usually in winter.

Raw frostbite is generally in winter, and summer but no life frostbite, so raw frostbite and cold has a certain relationship, due to cold weather, and the human body hand length time exposure in cold air, will be affected by cold air, so there is frostbite, in the winter to take warm measures, wearing masks, gloves, ear masks and so on.

So winter rusty frostbite how to do? Below we recommend the treatment of frostbite.

Problems related to Frostbite

One, these factors lead to frostbite Frostbite good hair in early winter, Spring season, cold is the main reason for the onset of frostbite. The cause of the disease is the skin of patients with frostbite in the cold below 0~10℃, damp or warm blast crisis, local small arteries contraction, long-time arterial paralysis and expansion, venous congestion, poor local blood circulation and morbidity.

Winter long-term outdoor low-temperature work and other factors can also cause frostbite.

Second, these people are prone to frostbite Do you know who is going to be caught in frostbite as soon as winter comes? Frostbite is not for everyone, mainly in children, young women, anemia, malnutrition, lack of exercise and other people. These people have a common denominator, that is, the peripheral blood circulation is not ideal.

There are also a class of people prone to sweating, causing local moist people will also appear frostbite.

Treatment Methods of Frostbite

First, soak hot brine

Raw frostbite can also be soaked with hot brine treatment, boiling water to boil, and then add salt, to be put to not hot, put hands, and massage frostbite site, soak 15 minutes a day, a continuous soak for a week, you can treat frostbite.

Second, with banana coating

What about long frostbite on your hands? can be treated with banana smear treatment, first use hot water to wash the frostbite, and then the banana smashed, applied to the position of frostbite, and then let the banana naturally fall off, two times a day, you can treat frostbite.

Three, soak Chili water

Rusty frostbite can also soak pepper water to treat, will be boiled pepper sticks into water, and then cut into a few peppers, and then slightly cool, used to soak hands, can effectively treat frostbite.

Four, wash eggplant water

Winter hand frostbite, can use eggplant sticks boiled water to wash hands, also will have a good treatment effect, with eggplant sticks and leaves boiled water, to be slightly cool, put hands, with eggplant leaves constantly rubbing the place of frostbite, until red, can treat frostbite. Warm reminder: Winter to strengthen the warmth, enhance physical fitness, improve their ability to prevent frostbite is very important. Keep dry, apply grease to the easy cold area, also can protect the local skin.