other leg, and then put down, repeat

Foot Movement

1, put one leg on the other leg, and then put down, repeat 10 times, each lift 1 times height increase some, and then change the other leg, repeat 10 times. 2, two legs cross to the inside clamping, closed the anus, raise the vagina, and then relax.


Repeat 10 times, then put the lower leg on top of the leg and repeat it 10 times.

Abdominal movement

Exercise supports the abdominal muscles of the uterus.

1, one leg Chichi, stretching, Chichi, stretching, left and right each 10 times.

2, two knees, one leg lift, put down, lift, put down, left and right 10 times.

Movement of the pelvis

Relaxes the joints and muscles of the pelvis, making them flexible and conducive to spontaneous deliveries.

1, a single knee, knees slowly outward side down, left and right 10 times.


2, two knees, swing to the bed, slowly relax, around 10 times.

Cross-legged movement Relaxes the pubic joint with the femoral joint, stretching the pelvic floor muscle group.

So the fetus can pass through the birth canal smoothly. 1, sit upright, two feet together, pull to the body by hand, two knees up and down activities, like butterfly wings.

10 times.

2, the same posture, inhale straight back, exhale body slightly forward, 10 times.

Cat Pose This is the movement of the vibrating pelvis, which can slow back pain.

You can also exercise abdominal muscles to better support the uterus.

1, down, hands and knees separate.

2, the side of the suction side arch up the back, the head bent to the middle of two arms, until the navel is seen.

3, the side of the breath back to 1 of the posture, the side of the suction side to raise the upper body. 4. Exhale and sprinkle the body until you get down.


1-4 repeat 10 times.

Wax-blown movement Exercise your abs.

Postpartum can restore the flabby abs. Lie on your back, bend your knees and stand 30 centimeters from your mouth.


Think of your finger as a candle and exhale forcefully to blow out the candle flame.

Elevator type Movement

Practice shrinking the vaginal muscles. With the active pelvic floor muscle group the same essentials shrink the hips, vaginal muscles, such as lifts up the waist. From “1 Floor” to “5 floor” on the 5 floor, on the “5 floor” at 2-3 seconds, the side of the breath side of the 5 layer down the waist.