Middle and old people seven step exercise vigorous

Middle and old people seven step exercise vigorous every day Today we recommend a set of exercises suitable for old friends.

Once a day, every part of the body can be exercise, do it together …

90 degrees-waist leg movement

Function: Increases the softness of the body, the contraction of the abdomen and the stretching of the bones.

Shrug, shrink little puss–shoulder movement

Function: Eliminates shoulder soreness.

Left foot in the right hand–hands and feet movement

Function: Strengthens the heart and lungs function as well as the body softness.

Look on the left and look right-eye movement

Function: Eliminate eye fatigue.

Neck twist–neck movement

Function: Prevent neck ache, restore the sober mind.

Soft reproduction-pre-table movement

Function: Restores and maintains the softness of the body.

Vigorous–squat stretching movement

Function: Enhance the lumbar force, exercise toes, improve the balance of the body, while strengthening the function of internal organs. Eye Care Massage Therapy 5 Autumn Health care problems Chushu health care over six nourishing liver adjust mood to hot and humid gender health care women must know sex skills winter health care full strategy in the cold and healthy kidney female health ovulation period calculation method and ovulation period pregnancy symptoms every day “rub” this area can longevity! 78-year-old TCM self-created health care action! Autumn Seven health recipes help you to effectively promote blood and kidney to teach you to do health care pillow Huoxue cool and comfortable women health care tips healthy longevity three scientific methods elderly spring how health care, the elderly spring health common sense health care massage manipulation physiological function stocktaking garlic health care value stomach expectorant anti-tuberculosis benefit lung Li Xia Zhong health weight in yangxin daily health +

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