Face before bedtime A massage in front of the bed

Massage Face before bedtime A massage in front of the bed will make you not only sleep sweeter, but also be refreshed when you wake up.

Guo Xi Heng Professor Guidance–

Starting from the head, massage the head with the fingertip of the middle finger or forefinger for 30 seconds;

With the fingertips of the forefinger, the brow ring massage for 30 seconds;

Wipe the eye socket from the top to the bottom of the thumb from the inside out;

Rub your hands until your palms are hot, and cover your palms for 45 seconds. Long-term staring at the computer screen easily deepen wrinkles and crow’s feet, may also lead to fat accumulation, forming a double chin and neck lines.

Recommended Massage method is: forehead, to the middle point of the eyes, both hands along the forehead to the two sides stretching the forehead; the eye, with the fingers around the eye circumferential compression; Cheek, look for the nose and mouth groove, along the nasal lip groove with the finger upward scraping pressure.

6. Banish Anger and anxiety

This night is often especially difficult to sleep after working hard for the day or having just had a quarrel with someone. Research program of insomnia and sleep at Duke University Medical Center Dr. Colin’s solution is: Get up, change a room, don’t turn on the lights, and it will naturally disappear.

Then go back to bed and go on sleeping.

Netizen question: I often wake up four or five o’clock to sleep, the mind will always think a lot of things, want to control also can’t control, what method can improve?

Expert answer: May be the expression of anxiety and depression, recommend to hospital for treatment, appropriate to eat some anti-anxiety or treatment of depression drugs.

7. Seize the five thieves who stole the sleep First, the fluctuating hormones. For women, estrogen and progesterone that fluctuate before and after menstruation can disrupt your sleep, and women with menopause suffer from similar problems.

So take a warm bath or an over-the-counter painkiller two hours before bedtime to help you overcome insomnia before your menstrual period. Second, a subtle sound source.

Sound can affect the quality of sleep, Detroit Henry Ford Hospital in the United States, Professor Ross believes that the next room can open the exhaust fan, so that the constant and faint noise cover those irregular noise. Third, coffee or tea.

To improve your sleep, it is advisable to start drinking caffeine-free drinks from noon. IV, nicotine. Although nicotine is the first to make smokers more sober, this effect does not last long.

It can also induce the release of adrenal hormones, causing the body’s excitement, so that we can not get normal deep sleep volume. Five, too excited before bedtime. Wang Zhuzhu, honorary Director of the Institute of TCM Sleep Disorders, Shanghai TCM Hospital, pointed out that before bed too excited, irregular life, environmental change or noisy can cause insomnia, so night should try to avoid too strong lights, do some relaxation activities.