Many men have impotence at a young age, which makes men fee

The emergence of impotence has an impact on our sexual life, life stress and diet. The appearance of impotence will greatly reduce the quality of men’s sexual life. If the penis cannot be fully erected in life, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Will reduce the damage.

Early symptoms of impotence: The onset of mental impotence is more urgent, the penis has a spontaneous erection, when you sleep at night or when you wake up, there will be an erection when you are masturbating or pornographic associations, but you can’t get an erection when you want to have sex. Or the penis can harden an erection when it first touches the female body, but it is soft when attempting to insert. In addition, accompanied by mental symptoms, such as anxiety, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, etc., and some may be associated with premature ejaculation or sexual intercourse without ejaculation.

5, impotence persists and continues to progress, mostly caused by organic lesions.

4, although impotence occurs frequently, but in the early morning or masturbation, the penis can erect and can maintain a period of time, mostly caused by psychological factors.

3, occasional impotence, in the next one-time life is completely normal, may be caused by temporary tension or fatigue, not morbid.

2. Young people are anxious and impatient with impotence due to inadequate communication with their sexual partners or inconsistent sexual behaviors.

1. The penis cannot be completely erect or erect, so that it cannot be satisfactorily carried out for normal sexual life.

Impotence is manifested in the male sexual desire, the penis can not be erect or erect but not hard, can not engage in sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse difficulties. Those whose penis is completely unable to erect is called complete impotence. Although the penis can be erect but does not have sufficient hardness for sexual intercourse, it is called incomplete impotence. The main symptoms of impotence are:

Symptoms of impotence can be divided into mental impotence symptoms and organic impotence symptoms. Symptoms of mental impotence are: acute onset, erection when sexually stimulated, and immediately weak when you want to have sex or attempt to insert; Symptoms of sexual impotence are characterized by the fact that the penis cannot be erected under any circumstances, and the incidence is generally slow.

What are the symptoms of men with impotence?

The demand for libido is essentially “the impulse of life energy” and needs to have a good physical foundation. Some people, especially urban white-collar workers, have long lacked physical activity, lacked exercise, and were physically weak and even in a “sub-health state.” At this time, their libido needs are lower than normal people. Even if they live together, they can’t help themselves. When they are finished, they can’t experience the fun of husband and wife life, and no couple life is not attractive. Slowly, there will be behavioral abandonment and impotence.

4, physical weakness caused by impotence

In daily life, the nervous and endocrine system in the human body is deeply influenced by related factors such as human behavior, concept, mental stress, etc. The work responsibility is heavy, the pressure is too great, and the nerve is in a state of high tension for a long time. Or long-term difficulties in life, economic crisis, etc. If these factors persist for a long time, they will suppress people’s sexual desires and young people will have impotence.

3, life and work pressure is too large

The involuntary erection of a man’s penis determines that sexual intercourse may not necessarily succeed every time. Especially in the case of fatigue, lack of energy, poor mood, nervousness, poor living environment and other factors, it is normal to accidentally have a sexual incident. At this time, you should not worry and doubt yourself. If you adjust and rest for a while, you will return to normal.

2, the couple’s life failure has psychological distress

This is most common among young people. Young people have strong sexual desires. When they have just learned masturbation or just started to have a husband and wife life, they often do not know how to control, excessive masturbation or excessive couple life, and carry out an infinite amount of overdraft on their physical health.

1, husband and wife life or masturbation frequently

Why do men have impotence?

Many men have impotence at a young age, which makes men feel no face, impotence will not only affect the quality of their husbands’ sexual life, but also may lead to the emergence of infertility, so don’t underestimate the impotence The hazard, then why do men have impotence? What are the symptoms of men with impotence?