muscles are exercised, local fat will “burn” and achieve

Many people think that after a certain area of ??muscles are exercised, local fat will “burn” and achieve the purpose of weight loss. In fact, no matter what kind of exercise, it will make you consume fat in all parts of your body. If you want to lose some of your body fat, you should also perform specific targeted exercises on the part after you have done a full body workout.
5, the best way to reduce abdominal fat is to do abdominal exercise.

Twisting, bending, stretching at the left and right waists are all stretching exercises. This type of exercise should be done slowly, and you should not use too much force. You must always remember that stretching is to relax and release muscles, and intense stretching will make your muscles tighter.

4. Persistent and intense stretching exercises maintain muscle flexibility.

This may be the idea of ??most people. But in fact, the purpose of exercise is not clear, there is no professional guidance, there is no good positive attitude, and unreasonable exercise methods can not achieve fitness goals.

3. You can get exercise as soon as you get to the gym.

From a kinematic point of view, whether you are running for one kilometer or one kilometer, the energy consumed by the body should be the same. Because the energy consumption is related to the distance of your movement, and has nothing to do with the speed of the movement. Therefore, you should try to extend your exercise time as much as you can.

2. Jogging a kilometer will consume more calories than walking one kilometer.

Sweating can only reduce body temperature quickly, has little effect on other parts of the body, and does not lose weight. You may lose weight after an exercise, which is only a temporary phenomenon caused by a decrease in body water. Once you have added enough water, your weight will recover.

1. You should sweat every time you exercise.



In order to have a good body, many men like fitness when they are okay, but there are some misconceptions about fitness for many men, reminding men that fitness must avoid these major sports mistakes!