Are you upset about daily skin care? I

Are you upset about daily skin care? In fact, it can be like this. As long as we spend more time thinking about it in life, the seemingly cumbersome skin care method will become very interesting.


This skin care method is so fun!

Lips and gods = honey + white sugar. Honey has a good moisturizing effect, and the white sugar can remove the dead belt of the mouth and the lips become soft and shiny. Mix 2~3 tablespoons of white sugar with honey with chopsticks, and put it in the refrigerator for 2~3 hours to freeze better.

Go blackheads = milk + fish gelatin powder. Daily work pressure, lack of sleep, large pores and air pollution can cause our nose to be covered with blackheads. Take one tablespoon of milk and fish gelatin powder, mix and heat, apply the nose for 10 minutes, and then dry it and then tear it off.

Skin antibacterial antigens = dandelion. Dandelion whole grass has skin care and antibacterial ingredients. After special craftsmanship, the dandelion root and leaves are made into dandelion root tea and leaf tea respectively. Drinking directly in boiling water for 2-4 minutes, there is good anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, freckle. Whitening and inhibiting the effects of skin care such as acne.

Makeup remover = Vaseline. If the home cleansing milk is used up, don’t be afraid, Vaseline can also be used to remove makeup. Usage is like using a cleansing cream. Take a proper amount and clean it after rubbing your face.

Cleansing Faith = Washing Rice. The rice water has water-soluble nutrients, which contain vitamin B3 and has a good whitening effect. After washing the rice, leave a second wash of rice water, preferably for one night. When using, take the washed rice water and add 1.5 times of warm water to wash your face.

Body Scrubs = Coffee Powder + Almond Oil + Brown Sugar. The caffeine contained in coffee can directly act on the dermis layer, promote cell circulation and reduce the production of cellulite, thus making the skin more firm and smooth. Mix a cup of almond oil, half a cup of coffee powder, and a half cup of brown sugar until the mixture is extremely thick and start to feel a little slippery. Three times a week, use a scrub to apply to the body during bathing, especially for rough and small skin, such as thighs and orange peels. The technique is to push up, rub and massage in a circular motion, then wash with water and pat dry.

Exfoliating artifacts = mouthwash + white vinegar. As you walk every day, the skin becomes thicker and thicker, and the skin of the feet becomes rougher. You can try this method, this artifact can both remove dead skin and sterilize. Add the mouthwash to a glass of white vinegar, soak your feet for 15 minutes, and gently wipe off the dead skin with a cloth.