After exercise: It is recommended to e

After exercise: It is recommended to eat within 30 minutes after exercise. When the muscles are most competitive with nutrients, the body fat reduction effect can be increased by 25%, and the muscle increase effect is increased by 6%, which helps to shape the body.
During exercise: add about 150-200 ml of water every 10 to 15 minutes, or choose a beverage containing electrolytes, reminding you to drink slowly and avoid the burden of kidneys.

Before exercise: In order to avoid stomach upset during exercise, it is recommended to eat first one hour before exercise, pick foods that are easy to digest, small in size and weight, and match a cup of lotus leaf bag with lotus leaf, hawthorn, cassia seed, mulberry leaf and mangosteen combination. For tea, you can also choose high-fiber, low-sugar index carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, oats, etc., to help stabilize blood sugar during exercise and maintain physical strength.

So, how do you eat before, during and after exercise? Dietitian advice:

Many people think that heat absorption is particularly fast after exercise, and eating too fast is easy to gain weight. In fact, after the exercise, it is the golden time to lose weight, as long as you eat right, you can lose weight with half the effort.

Lose weight does not rebound, you must eat before and after exercise

The 27-year-old small body is 170 centimeters tall, but it has more than 200 kilograms. In order to make a girlfriend, he is active in moving to and from work every day, but he loses his weight after one month, which makes him frustrated. In this regard, senior nutrition dieters said that they want to lose weight, light exercise is not enough, before, during and after exercise, you should eat right.