What is the difference between men’s and women’s psychology?

Men and women not only have large differences in physiology, but also have many psychological differences, but most people are not clear, so when they get along with the other half, they always feel that he or she does not understand themselves. We may wish to stand on the other side’s point of view and have a certain understanding of the psychology of others, which can effectively resolve some contradictions that are not necessary in the process of getting along with each other. The psychological difference between men and women: Let me talk about men first. Although the mature age of a man is 1 to 3 years older than a woman, after a man matures, his sexual desire is generally stronger and stronger than that of a woman. Before marriage, almost all men have experience of spermatorrhea, and some people will have masturbation. The sexual excitement of men is concentrated in the erection of the penis. It can cause sexual impulses immediately through the stimulation of sight, hearing and touch. The time only takes one or two minutes. Once it causes sexual impulses, it can cause sexual stagnation within a few minutes, which is characterized by ejaculation. After ejaculation, sexual excitement quickly subsided. After the marriage, when the husband and wife have sex, the man is still the same as before the marriage, and the sexual desire is fast and very strong. Once I have the desire to have sex, I always hope that my wife can meet his requirements. However, after reaching orgasm, the decline of sexual desire is also very rapid. It can be said that it will come and say it. In addition, male sexual desire is more concentrated in the contact of sexual organs, and it is easy to be satisfied. And women. After sexual maturity, women’s sexual desire is relatively slow and concealed. Except for a few people, there are generally fewer sexual impulses such as masturbation. Most of the sexual excitement of women is obtained through the experience of sexual life. After marriage, the urge to sexual desire is slower than that of men, and the intensity is weaker. Female sexual excitement must also be gradually aroused in male sexual stimulation, such as kissing, hugging, touching the sexual organs and so on. Female sexual desire is also related to the menstrual cycle. Generally, sexual desire is strong before and after ovulation and before and after menstruation, and sexual desire is weaker at other times. A considerable number of women have no sense of sex in their early stages of marriage. It takes about a year to become interested in sex. Women’s orgasm is relatively difficult to obtain. Some women do not know what orgasm until they have children. Even some women have never had sex lakes in their lifetime. Of course, most women, with the cooperation of their husbands, can get the pleasure of the high lake. In sexual life, a woman once evokes sexual excitement and disappears slowly, often keeping her sexual excitement for a long period of time. In addition to the feelings of the sexual organs, women’s sexual desire is more about the pursuit of emotional satisfaction, that is, sexual life is the instinct of human beings. At a certain age, both men and women will produce sexual desire, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. a high combination of sex and love . So the performance is more lingering, not as impatient as men. A careful man can easily find that a woman’s desire is actually a regular one. Some women have a particularly strong desire for menstruation, while some women are a little “small cat” during ovulation. Let’s take a look at the general laws of the body and mind of women’s menstrual cycle. The psychological difference between men and women is still very big. When we get along with the other half, we must find a win-win method that suits each other. We cannot simply satisfy the needs of one party and sacrifice the reasonable needs of the other party for a long time. It is unfavorable to have mutual feelings in this way, and it is not conducive to the stability of a family. It is inevitable that you will encounter bumps in your married life. When something is in front of your husband and wife, you must deal with the problem together instead of shirking responsibility.