The six psychological burdens of husband and wife when they love

1. The woman does not ask for high quality sex every time. Both husband and wife want women to get high-quality sex, or one-sided pursuit of so-called sexual effects, which is unrealistic. Experts point out that female orgasm is affected by many factors, so husband and wife: as long as you feel satisfied. Psychological pleasure is the most important. 2. Don’t force your partner to do things. There are certain differences in male and female abilities, and the individual’s sexual ability will also be attenuated due to age. This is a natural law. Of course, sexual desire is also affected by work, mood, health, etc. The difference between male and female sexual desires always exists, so it cannot Require partners to be consistent, otherwise it may make the sexes become mechanical, and for a long time will lose the “sexual interest.” 3, do not have to be too regular and stereotyped sex. Sexual life is too regular into a “system”, timing, quantification, fixed-point, etc., too rigid time or sex, will make sex life become lifeless, excitement is not high, and even make partners tired, feel that sex is a Coping between husband and wife, and easy to make a partner have a sense of tension and oppression. 4, can not often take sex to joke. Couple sex always has a signal of sex, the other side should respond positively, and joking on sex can also add fun, but it must be moderate, such as often giving off inappropriate signals on sex, just like “wolf is coming”, When there is a real demand for sex, the partner may misunderstand and joke and ignore it, causing contradictions and ignorance. 5, do not have sex after bathing. The hygiene of the reproductive organs is very important. Before the sex life, both husband and wife should clean the external genitals. If you just take a bath after taking a bath, simply clean up, but you have your own opinion about sex, always rush into the bathroom or ask a partner. Washing immediately may cause a lot of unhappiness, and lack of “sex after sex” will also affect sexual quality. 6, can not be too much to seek new sex. Couples’ sex life has become more lively today. Many people have seen “three-level films” or books describing the details of sexual life. It is inevitable that they will try to try, which may make sex life more interesting and happier. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference in sexual attitudes between husband and wife. If the partner is difficult to accept, it is necessary to pay attention to being as consistent as possible, or to adopt a gradual and excessive way to slowly change, otherwise it will definitely make the partner think, doubt or even unpleasant. Instead, do bad things.”