When does a man need a wife to comfort

When do men need the comfort of their wives: mutual communication is the most important way for couples to get along. But many times men are more careless about the details, the details of the problem will not be expressed straightforwardly, such as when men need comfort, they will not directly ask, so as a woman, you need to pay attention, timely comfort to men. 1. When he was in a bad mood, he came back and sat on the sofa and smoked unhappy. He was paralyzed by his boss and he encountered something that didn’t go well. This night, he was so depressed. Please hug him like a mother and give him the best comfort in his body. Remember, men sometimes need to use sex to relieve stress. In an ecstasy, they will vent their grief and frustration. He may be used to it, but he was in a bad mood that day. So let’s take the initiative today. 2. He is the nerd who is eager to read hard. Don’t think that when he is studying hard, all the thoughts are read into the book. The handsome scholars in “Liao Zhai” seem to be studying hard in the ancient temples of the mountains, but they are all looking forward to the red sleeves. In the middle of the night, there is a fox ring that suddenly comes to his side. Therefore, in the middle of the night, he was studying hard in the study room. When he entered a bowl of Aifu soup, he gave him a massage and shoulders. He is tired, you tease him, no man is not immediately eager to return to the real world from the boring book. At this point, you are his fox, his best way to relax. 3. When your physiological cycle arrives, remember that the physiological cycle is not “anonymous.” Experts have found that sex is also cyclical, sometimes the climax is sometimes low, and in a month, it seems to be ebb and flow. As the saying goes: “The woman’s heart, the sea bottom needle” I believe that people often say that when men have been as eager to get sex like a monkey in a few days, is it a few days, you are also upset Anything is anxious? Even when there is no fire for no reason? When do men need the comfort of their wives: In fact, no matter how strong and masculine men are, they will have the weakest side of their hearts. Many times they also need women’s comfort and understanding. So, to make your relationship more harmonious, male health experts recommend that women need to understand these weaknesses of men and give them comfort.