10 kinds of psychology make men and women not help themselves

With the opening of sexual concepts, cohabitation before marriage and premarital sex have no longer tested taboo topics, and couples who have tried marriage before marriage are everywhere. However, there are many immature girls who are unmarried and pregnant. There are no fewer people in real life. This seriously affects physical and mental health. Why is this phenomenon occurring? What is the psychology? Once premarital sex and unmarried During pregnancy, parents and schools and units must use correct education and help methods. They should never discriminate, ridicule, sarcasm and scold. They should avoid increasing their trauma; respect their personality, from the perspective of love, help and compassion. Depart and persuade them to learn the lesson. Medical staff must establish good medical ethics, and adopt a compassionate attitude of treating people and saving people and being kind to others. Only when the whole society is mobilized can we reduce and eliminate the pre-marital sexual behavior and the abnormal phenomenon of unmarried pregnancies, so that the young people can successfully pass the dangerous period of youth, so that their minds and bodies can develop and grow healthily.