The bigger the female breast, the more attractive the male eye?

All women are pursuing breast enhancement, and they all hope that they can have a very charming chest. Do men really want big breasts? Actually, the fact is not that everyone thinks, not all men like big breasts. The size of the chest should correspond to the proportion of the body, and the proportion can be appropriate to attract the attention of men. Interestingly, researchers at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, have studied this issue and believe that men may indeed focus on women’s breasts first than their faces. In this study, the investigators randomly selected 36 male subjects aged 22-42 years. The researchers gave each subject a photo of the same female’s frontal nude without knowing the test content in advance. While watching, a hidden instrument quietly recorded their eye movement trajectory, so that they can analyze which parts of the female their eye stays and how long they stay. The study found that 47.2% of men (17 out of 36) first focused on women’s chests, while the first focus on women’s faces was only 5.6% (2 out of 36). So, the bigger the woman’s chest, the more attractive it is to men? Experiments show that this is not the case. In another study by the same research group, the researchers used Photoshop to expand and shrink the chest of a nude female photo separately. %, then let the subject score each photo. Compared with the photos that were not Ps, the men who tested were significantly less likely to have a reduced chest. Surprisingly, the 20% increase in the chest and the size of the chest are not significantly different. More interestingly, in the analysis of the gaze time, the researchers found that the subject’s attention time was similar for both the reduced chest and the enlarged chest. Since pure breasts have limited appeal to men, which female traits are more likely to appeal to men? It is worth mentioning that in the first study, researchers used Ps to modify the size of the chest while also modifying the photos. The waistline of the female makes the waist/hip ratio increase from 0.7 to 0.9. In the subsequent attractiveness scoring session, women with a waist/hip ratio of 0.7 scored significantly higher than the ratio of 0. 9 women. Under the premise of fixed ratio, the change of chest size to male attraction is not obvious. It doesn’t matter if you are full, the focus is on the waist. From this point of view, the waist/hip ratio is the decisive factor for the attractiveness of men. The researchers speculate that a good waist/hip ratio is an indicator of a woman’s physical health and fertility, and thus has become the most attractive place for women in long-term evolution. As for men’s concerns about women’s chests, the researchers believe that it is only because the chest can create an “aesthetic pleasure.” The more cloaking the more irritating the male is, the more prone to the nude and the striptease. This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual”. The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to look at a woman’s nakedness is determined by the relationship between the inherent erotic nature of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object. That is to say, the more hidden the part of the woman, the more irritating it is to the male. It is necessary to rely on the touch to reflect the psychological characteristics of intimate men to determine the sexual psychology that men like to touch women. Men have a strong “contact with heterosexuality”. This is in line with the principle of zoology: “Sexual behavior, only males play their enthusiasm, it is possible.” Men and women in love, men especially want to touch women, this is because he hopes to put the intimacy of both sides specific Show it, hope to be confirmed inside. There are such phenomena in the natural life of the opposite sex. On the street, the two groups of men and women walked in the opposite direction, and when they passed by, they cast a glimpse of each other. At this time, the female’s glimpse is cast to the same sex, while the male is projected to the opposite sex. A glimpse of women is a subconscious confrontation, competition, and comparison. Men’s glances are unintentional “multi-view”. Men who like to listen to a woman’s past in the stage of love will always go directly to the local area, or pretend to ask the woman’s past if nothing has happened. Why is this? Because men’s monopoly is strong. Men have such a kind of mentality. When he falls in love with a woman and wants to marry her, he hopes to monopolize her from now to the present, and hopes that her past is also exclusive. To learn to be independent, to have temperament independence is economic independence. Women can’t reach out to clothes, rice to open their mouths, everything depends on men. In other words, a woman can’t just have sex, she must have her own career, her own life, and her own thoughts. Sex is only an appendage of man. An independent woman will raise her sexuality to a higher level, and a thoughtful woman will make her sex more attractive. Once a woman loses her independence, sex becomes her own, and she slowly separates herself from herself and attaches to men. That way in the eyes of men The sex of a woman becomes simple and becomes an object of a man. Your own objects will certainly not be too attractive for yourself. Because people have always been such a monster. Mysterious is interesting. Mystery is distance, it is change. The distance produces beauty, and the change produces charm. There must be no closeness between people, and they must not be separated from each other. People are too close, the disadvantages will be magnified, and the advantages will be reduced. A little distance, a little privacy, a little secret, is the choice of a smart woman. Let the man always feel that you are two meters away from him. As long as he reaches out, he can hold you with progress. But you are not in his arms, he will not get you so easily. And your changes can make you more mysterious, creating a certain distance between you and the man, so that you maintain enough sexual attraction. Changes include speech, manners, clothing, thoughts, ways of speaking, ways of making love, and so on. Silly and very cute women don’t be too smart, don’t worry about it, don’t suffer from it, don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious. These are all a little help for your sexiness. On the contrary, a little more silly will look even more lovely. A woman is a little silly, and a man will not be fortified against you. A woman who is a little stupid is more sincere. A woman is a bit silly, and it is easier to arouse the male passion that men care for you. Of course, stupidity is not stupid, not stupid, but stupid, stupid!