Reveal the sexual secrets between husband and wife

Since the true intimacy is an important factor in making a young person ten years old, the basic method is not to let the sex life open the distance between the husband and wife. In good relationships, one way to overcome the distance between men and women is to reveal the following five sexual secrets so that sexual life between them becomes no longer mystified. Secret One: Almost everyone masturbates, regardless of age or marital status or social status. Secret 2: Although sexual fantasies may be good, they are often disappointing once implemented. In this case, expectation is better than implementation. The best sex life is based on reality, true love and sincere communication. The honesty of love is the guarantee for a healthy life. Secret 3: All men have sexual worries at a certain time. Of course, this worry increases with age. Abnormal brain or heart can affect sexual life. A woman who does not know this may exert tremendous pressure on men. However, when the heart and brain operate in a good relationship of love, they are always able to overcome all sexual challenges. Secret 4: Almost all women have pretense of passion and excitement, just like the pressure to make us act, women also have pressure. Only women can pretend, while men can’t pretend. Since women’s passions are also related to the heart and brain, erotic excitement cannot always exist. At this time, pretending to be passionate is a relatively simple choice compared to causing depression, disappointment, or even a conflict. It’s okay to look at the time, but it’s best to communicate and support each other sincerely, and to recognize that support and consideration are really important. When the sincerity and mutual acceptance of husband and wife develop to a stable level, the excitement of sensuality is no longer needed. Secret Five: Most men and women retain each other’s sexual secrets when they get along. The typical situation is this: in most people-to-human relationships, sexual development is much faster than emotional revealing. Therefore, in those relationships that remain persistent, sexual patterns are often formed before they have the opportunity to discuss sexuality. Once the pattern of sexuality is determined, it becomes more difficult to discuss change because we are sensitive to each other’s sexual weaknesses. 1. Really discuss sex life There is a simple solution to all the problems caused by these five sexual secrets, that is, to communicate well. Being able to spend time and energy discussing deep emotional and sexual issues will benefit a lot, and it is possible to exchange and support love; Reassessing sexual needs and tastes can also be very helpful. If this is not easy, consider negotiating, or supporting the group, or go to the library to read the information about the problem. To some extent, life is short-lived (although if we can do it for a decade if we do it right), then it is worthwhile to conduct in-depth and genuine discussions to make our rest of life (increase ten years) happier. 2. How to approach the topic of sexuality Here are some tips to help you and your partner start a sexual discussion. First, choose the right time and determine the date for this important discussion. Be sure to listen to each other’s insights, not to explain to each other. Sometimes we need to stop and let the other party talk. 3. Deeper Sexual Needs When in-depth sexual needs are publicly revealed and discussed, the practice of showing how emotionally and socially they need to be loved and accepted is really over. Once these in-depth needs are accepted and brought to the attention, it is shocking that the problems left in our lives will be solved.