The beauty of the mind is completely in control of the husband’s heart

Women always want to be the most important and unique existence in a man’s life. Therefore, many times, they always blindly pay for their own, but the result is often counterproductive. Smart women should be good at analyzing men’s psychology and giving them what they want. 1. Being a man’s effective assistant and a good wife is not just about virtuous, but negligence should be both wise and intelligent. The most valuable thing for a woman behind a man is these two points. You love him does not mean that you follow him unprincipledly and obey him. That way men will think that you have no thoughts, are wives, but not women. A woman who really takes a man seriously must have a plan, that is, when a man is proud of the spring breeze, you must always remind him not to lose his forefoot. Give him encouragement when his career is going well, and urge him and stop him when his business encounters difficulties, so that he can keep his mind clear and not lose. This way the man will benefit from your rumors. He will also think that you are a thoughtful, thoughtful woman who respects you, and such a woman is a woman with a wrist. 2, the strongest energy for men is that love must say that a successful man must have a good woman behind him, this is true. But this good woman is not a full-time nanny who turns around the pot all day. Business-oriented men, who face the unpredictable work at work every day, their psychological pressure comes from the invisible contest without a fixed pattern. But men are generally emotionally strong, because they are not good at using language to share the inner pressure with women. So, to make your men better, the strongest energy input to them is to give them true love. Let them feel the pressure and tension in the fight to get their own heart relief. Don’t let them feel that their career is tight, and marriage is like a grave. 3. The fortitude of a man who is the most loyal fan of a man’s career and life will also be discounted in the face of setbacks and blows. When they are struggling in their careers, the external forces are superficial, only persuasive, and have no substantive effect. . From the support, understanding, help, trust, and follow-up of his wife, they can’t match any external factors. This kind of power cannot be expressed by action alone, but the common force of the combination of behavior, language and thought. A woman with a heart knows how to use the care of life, language encouragement, and ideological unity to be the most loyal fans of men when men are in trouble. In this way, your man will regard you as a spiritual pillar, love you, and cannot do without you. Xiao Bian recommended: skillfully use “bed exercise” to improve men’s sexual ability 6 common senses that girls have to wear in underwear. 4. Women who do not break their mouths in front of men are less IQ. I always want to use the idea of ​​a woman’s small citizen to change men and control men. I hope that men can listen to her in their own designs. The biggest failure of such a woman is that she does not understand the man’s mentality. I don’t know the two kinds of women who do not appreciate the most in marriage. One is the broken mouth of the whole day, and the other is the yellow-faced woman who does not trim the margin. Awkward women can interfere with men’s correct way of thinking at work and accurate ways of doing things. Women who are too sloppy will make those rational business men bored or even repel or stay away. Endless jealousy is a taboo for marriage, and for those who have a heart, it is wise to point it around. 5, to convince people, do not confront men with big men, so strong, face, have a strong self-esteem. A woman is stronger, she is also a wife in the eyes of men, his woman. Men do not accept the real female strongman psychologically, and those who are eager to win are often only respected by me, regardless of the face of men. In the marriage life, there are disputes and disputes that are controversial with men, so that they can occupy the top. Rong. Men are the least proficient in arguments. Some things are not that they can’t stand it, but they prefer to let it go, and can’t afford it. A truly thoughtful woman knows how to persuade people, not to confront men, to speak with facts, to let men have nothing to say, to give men a face, but also to let men convinced. Guess what you like: The 5 magical effects of the contraceptive pill after science test your sperm is not healthy