Couples’ sex life needs to be unconventional

Don’t think that if you get married, you can put your feelings and feelings aside, and you can live your life honestly. As everyone knows, many couples break because of the lack of sentiment, sexual life is too dull, and there is no fresh element. Therefore, in order to maintain the sexual welfare after marriage, we must be unconventional. Losing old traditions Most people are busy with cumbersome housework and busy work after getting married. It may have been a long time without eating, watching movies, shopping, and so on. It’s better to meet a movie after work, go to the cinema, have a romantic meeting in the cinema, or have a romantic candlelight dinner in an elegant restaurant listening to soothing music. Love anywhere, anytime, anywhere, “love anywhere, anytime” means the time to make love, don’t make sex into a thing that only sleeps at night, change the timetable for making love, you can use ten or twenty minutes before getting up, or After work, I went straight to the big bed for a very quick sex. Although this is not the same as the leisurely sex, it is very exciting, so that both sides can get great satisfaction in emotion. Passion for a long time and not to make love for a week may not care a lot, but two weeks is a suitable time to build up enough desires. Therefore, you can make a sex-making schedule. For example, in the week of picking out a day to designate a day of sex, within a week, the rules can not caress each other, or even kiss, create a tension between the two, in the days of waiting, can let each other The desire to be more intense. But this can only be done occasionally. Often, the desires that may be connected together are gone, and some are worth the loss. In short, sexual life requires fresh and happy elements. Sexual life needs innovation and creativity to be happy and perfect. As long as the husband and wife are willing to use their brains and expand their content, and integrate their feelings and body into happiness and passion, they can have true sexual blessings.