The details of life determine the success or failure of marriage

A harmonious relationship between husband and wife is not to give the other party much power, nor how much money there are to have a house to prove happiness. The basis of marriage is feelings, which need to be mutually tolerant, understanding and understanding. At the same time, some details of the marriage must be in place. Protecting Your Secrets Everyone has their own secrets, private encryption space, so don’t like a child, say anything to your lover, don’t even love someone to ask what you answer, no reservations. Women must learn to have their own privacy. This is not a frankness to the lover, but a way of doing it. The man is the kind of person who does not cherish it. Therefore, you have a little privacy or refuse the man’s question. Let men become more interested in you, not treat you in the same way that you are his bag. The man who is busy with his own affairs does not like his wife to be tired of him all day. He always teaches his partner that he can’t check his post because he is busy with work. He can’t bother him. He can’t call N calls a day, so he has to learn. Busy, even if nothing is done, show yourself very busy, and occasionally reject the “interference” of the lover, because the way of communication is the most direct and effective in the eyes of men. Xiao Bian recommended: The Internet is the biggest killer of marital relationship. The four secret tips for maintaining a happy marriage can be but not too much. When men see women who are more beautiful than their own partners, they usually can’t help but raise interest. If you are a wife at this time, you will be wrong when you lick the vinegar jar. Women must learn to prove to men that there are men who are better than their husbands and covet themselves. A man who occasionally eats his wife a few times vinegar can promote the harmony of husband and wife. The idea of ​​learning to woo the ancient woman is basically the kind of three-and-four virtues, but in modern times, the new women’s thoughts are more open. Modern couples don’t want to be in love with teenagers, shamelessly answering, and crying and sulking. After the baptism of marriage, the old wives and older wives are more inclined to use a simple look, a sly words to express their own minds, happy together, if they are unhappy, they will be separated, or friends. Guess what you like: Eliminate the contradiction between husband and wife, separation and loss of happiness, sex novels, one-night stand, love, demo, emotional story, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: