4 fresh tips in marriage

Marriage is like a high-speed machine that needs maintenance and adjustment. The lack of these things will lead to a rift in the marriage, until the stop, the couple’s feelings will fall. Therefore, insurance for marriage life is very important work. If you don’t ask for the best, don’t ask for the best to truly love someone. There is no such thing as the best in the world, let alone the standard of love, which is a subjective feeling. “Three thousand weak waters, only one scoop”, every person who is married or about to get married All should understand this truth. The choice of marriage should be true. When deciding to get married, I know that there will probably be better people. But at this time, I chose you here and now. If you don’t ask for the best, you can accept the loved one calmly and calmly. This kind of love is plain and deep, simple and pure, quiet and far-reaching. This kind of love will accompany you through the storms of your life. >>>Five standards for a harmonious life in a couple’s life. What is the integrity of the family? Since we love each other, love is our common integrity. Forgiveness, forgiveness, tolerance and encouragement are the eternal love of the family. Some couples who entered the marriage siege did not give each other after disagreement on some small things. Therefore, men and women who believe in “starvation is small, and the big things are too big” often protect themselves with excessive “self-esteem”, so they begin to endlessly. Quarrels, confrontation, contests, etc. In fact, since others can do a step back in the sky, why can’t you “condescend” in the family? Learn to appreciate people who love, only learn to appreciate, love can last for a long time. Learning to appreciate is an art of love, a mountain peak. “Looking at the side of the mountain into a peak, the distance is different.” For lovers, you should also learn from multiple angles. Appreciating each other is largely a taste of detail. After all, the earth-shattering feelings between husband and wife are a minority, and more are ordinary life. This requires us to taste and appreciate, perhaps you will experience the husband’s affection from a small piece that the husband bought for you; maybe you will read the wife’s concern from the wife’s eyes. Perfecting yourself Everyone wants to give someone a good impression. Then why not give your lover a pleasing feeling? Create conditions as much as possible so that you can truly become the “Xishi” in the eyes of the other person. Perfecting the self is perfecting marriage. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn