How do happy couples deal with the bottleneck of marriage?

Couples bedside quarrels at the end of the bed, after all, is just an old saying, in reality, because of the contradiction, the husband and wife are the majority, and it is necessary to separate from the divorce. In fact, the bottleneck in marriage is normal, the focus is on how to solve it. 1. When one of the parties lost their jobs: Unhappy couples: The other party will provoke, anger and blame for this, and feel that the other party is dragging themselves. Not only do not relieve the psychological burden for the other party, but also from time to time to pour cold water happy couples: they are dependent on each other’s feelings. First, he (she) will tell the partner to understand his or her feelings and give psychological comfort; secondly, he (she) will provide some form of help to the other party, such as trying to take more responsibility and encourage and Help your lover find a new job. 2. When the opposite sex expresses a good impression on your partner: Unhappy couple: This is equivalent to touching their minefield. If the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious, it is likely that the incident will cause the other party’s suspicion, and then blame the partner for not being loyal to the marriage relationship, or even adding evil words. Happy couple: Seeing others feel uncomfortable with their partner, but he will not blame the lover. Instead, they will use this situation as an opportunity to further increase the emotional intimacy of themselves and their loved ones, or simply laugh at them and tell their lover to “proud of his or her charm” and enhance the trust between husband and wife. 3. When parents do not support your marriage: Unhappy couples: This dilemma is more likely to separate them. For example, when the man’s mother does not like the woman, the man is likely to ignore the feelings of the lover and stand on the side of the mother; he will make unreasonable expectations for the woman to meet the mother’s requirements. Happy couples: They will deal with this dilemma in a team way. If the man’s mother is disrespectful, he will apologize for the mother’s rude behavior and express a deep discussion on behalf of the woman’s interests and the mother’s heart. 4. How to treat the best friends: Unhappy couples: If you think that his or her best friend is a stingy, it will limit his or her time with friends and publicly express that he does not want this good friend. Appear in front of you. Happy couple: If you can’t stand his or her best friend, they will be honestly expressed, but they will understand and generously give each other space and time to be alone with friends. When the good friend of the other party comes to the house, you can treat each other with sincerity, without mixing the private affairs between the partner and his good friend. 5. When there is no time for sex: Unhappy couples: If one party is not satisfied with sex life, it will blame the other party; A guilty partner usually blames enough time for sex. Happy couples: If they are not satisfied from physical contact, they will express a sense of loss, find out the specific reasons, and agree on a solution. 6. One of them is a workaholic: Unhappy couple: Ask the workaholic to go home early. If you don’t, you will look at the other person and express resentment in your words. Happy couples: If you are over-promoting your career success, your partner may be disappointed, but you will understand your hardships and be proud of the hardships you have paid. The couple will work out a plan to enjoy extra relaxation time. 7. When a person is seriously ill: Unhappy couples: You will unconsciously avoid each other and not take the initiative to take care of the sick person, worrying that you will be affected. Happy couples: They talk openly about the disease and its difficulties with the relationship. The sick party will be grateful for the care and sacrifice of the other, and the healthy side will understand the suffering caused by the disease to the spouse. I always say that the husband and wife are the same forest birds, and they have their own flying, but where are the couples who never quarrel? The husband and wife are the fate of a hundred years of cultivation. When you step into the Civil Affairs Bureau, you should understand that it will not be smooth in the future. Actively solve problems and cherish each other.