The above is the efficacy and function

The above is the efficacy and function of the horse melon and all the precautions. I believe that many friends have not eaten the horse melon, and the role of this is also to try.
Therapeutic effect: sweet, cool, bitter, non-toxic, into the spleen, stomach, large intestine; with detoxification, heat removal, heat, water, diuretic and other effects; attending polydipsia, fire eyes, sore throat, burns.

Inappropriate: abdominal pain diarrhea, spleen and stomach weakness, lung cold cough, because read more

Staying up late to play mobile phones,

Staying up late to play mobile phones, although it is not good, there will be people playing. Of course, Xiaobian’s suggestion is only to prevent the harm caused by mobile phones, but not all


of them are effective, but it is still possible to help you avoid some minor diseases. In addition to playing mobile phones, I suggest that you have a lot of health , not a classic saying that “the body is the capital of the revolution”!

Rest is for better play. When we are tired of playing read more

The details of this attention are still quite a

The details of this attention are still quite a lot. If you really don’t feel comfortable, you don’t need to eat MSG. You can use chicken essence instead.
6, pregnant women and infants should not eat MSG, because MSG may cause fetal defects; the elderly and children should not eat too much. People with high blood pressure will have higher blood pressure if they consume too much MSG. Therefore, patients with hypertension should not only limit the intake of salt, but read more

The number of fetal movements, the spee

The number of fetal movements, the speed, strength, and so on, often indicate the safety of the fetus. Therefore, people call fetal movement a sign of fetal safety. Normal fetal movement indicates that the placenta function is good, the oxygen delivered to the fetus is sufficient, and the fetus develops well in the uterus. A small life lives happily in the womb. According to


obstetrics and gynecology experts, the normal fetal movement is not less than 3 to 5 times per hour; the apparent number read more

Lactulose: Lactulose is a disaccharide-permea

Lactulose: Lactulose is a disaccharide-permeable laxative that promotes colonic peristalsis and relieves constipation by retaining moisture and increasing stool volume. It will not be absorbed into the blood after oral administration, does not affect the growth of the fetus, does not affect


breastfeeding, does not cause blood sugar fluctuations, and is equally applicable to people who are intolerant to lactose. For constipation during pregnancy, lactulose has a good therapeutic effect and read more

Lack of exercise or prolonged inactivity can lea

Lack of exercise or prolonged inactivity can lead to more serious constipation, so expectant mothers should exercise properly. Appropriate activities of expectant mothers can enhance gastrointestinal motility, adequate sleep, and a happy mood.
3, increase the amount of physical activity

Expectant mothers who suffer from constipation usually need to drink more water, but also master the skills of drinking water. For example, drinking water every day for a fixed period of time, and drinking read more