Mental disorder: the killer of husband and wife life

In family life, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia often have a great impact on the relationship between the two parties, especially in health & mdash; when the other party’s performance is a symptom of the disease, it often leads to conflicts and conflicts between husband and wife. . Case Study There is a couple in the neighboring unit. The relationship is very harmonious. Since the husband often goes home because of work, the wife begins to doubt the husband. First, I saw that read more

Sexual quality of life affects middle-aged couples

Recently, the China Population Propaganda and Education Center and the American Eli Lilly Company jointly held a press conference in Beijing. The results of the “Happiness 36 Intimacy Index” survey were published: the intimate relationship index of middle-aged couples is generally low, daily emotional communication is lacking, and the quality of sexual life is low. Problems such as decline have generally plagued middle-aged couples. Mr. Wang Shan, representative of the China Population Education read more

How to arrange postpartum sex life is healthy

After women’s production, their physiology and environment have undergone certain changes. Both husband and wife are immersed in the happy moment of having a baby. It is necessary to combine the characteristics of this period and conduct a reasonable life. The puerperium period is called within 6 weeks after childbirth. During childbirth, the vaginal mucosa is stretched, becomes very thin, and is easily injured. The vaginal wall begins to reappear 3 weeks after birth, but the pelvic floor read more

Reveal the sexual secrets between husband and wife

Since the true intimacy is an important factor in making a young person ten years old, the basic method is not to let the sex life open the distance between the husband and wife. In good relationships, one way to overcome the distance between men and women is to reveal the following five sexual secrets so that sexual life between them becomes no longer mystified. Secret One: Almost everyone masturbates, regardless of age or marital status or social status. Secret 2: Although sexual fantasies may read more

Psychological factors that hinder couples’ sexual pleasure

Sex is the natural instinct that God has given to human beings, and it is also a happy thing that many people are happy to enjoy. However, because each person’s physical and psychological conditions are different, there are many experiences and feelings of failure or frustration in the process of enjoying sexual life. These problems or problems are also the nightmare that many people have been lingering. . Although many people have various problems in their sexual life, according to statistics, read more

When she refuses your closeness, is it really not wanting to?

Women’s minds are the most difficult to guess. Many men have always wondered why they always guess what their girlfriends are thinking, especially when they buy gifts. They don’t know what they should choose, but sometimes they are close. Will also be rejected, which makes many men are very disheartened, when she refuses your closeness, is it really not wanting? 1, how to send flowers is good man practice: buy a bunch of flowers to send to his girlfriend’s home Or give her her read more