The bigger the female breast, the more attractive the male eye?

All women are pursuing breast enhancement, and they all hope that they can have a very charming chest. Do men really want big breasts? Actually, the fact is not that everyone thinks, not all men like big breasts. The size of the chest should correspond to the proportion of the body, and the proportion can be appropriate to attract the attention of men. Interestingly, researchers at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, have studied this issue and believe that men may indeed focus on read more

10 kinds of psychology make men and women not help themselves

With the opening of sexual concepts, cohabitation before marriage and premarital sex have no longer tested taboo topics, and couples who have tried marriage before marriage are everywhere. However, there are many immature girls who are unmarried and pregnant. There are no fewer people in real life. This seriously affects physical and mental health. Why is this phenomenon occurring? What is the psychology? Once premarital sex and unmarried During pregnancy, parents and schools and units must use read more

The secret of harmony between husband and wife: communication

Men are usually a hard-working cow in sex, but sex is not cultivated land. A woman wants a person who can communicate with himself physically and psychologically. What’s more, the desire between husband and wife is created by the two together and needs to be constantly innovated rather than mechanically repeated. This requires a certain amount of sexual skills between the two sides. Inspire the original sexual desires 3. In the process of sexual love, many women feel insecure. Therefore, read more

Couples want to be happy, they must learn five “don’t”

After the sexual information was approved by the wife, the man was delighted. However, after the joy, there are all kinds of worries. What are men worried about before sex? In fact, men’s psychology is fragile. While satisfying themselves, men care more about it, but it is actually a woman’s feelings. It is generally believed that after the penis is erected at 7. 8 cm to 20 cm are normal, relatively short, long penis, in sexual life, as long as attention to sexual position, it does read more

Sexual mental health must be promoted in husband and wife life

Many people have a special love in their lives, and they can even be said to have cleanliness. However, few people have noticed sexual hygiene. Of course, the health we are talking about is not a bath beforehand. What is it, but what is mental health? Sex is a kind of contact from the heart. If there is any knot in the heart and unwillingness. Live, it will reflect the progress of the husband and wife life. Human sexual drive and sexual instinct continue to become elegant and noble, and more emphasis read more

How do sweet couples get along best?

Marriage has extraordinary significance for everyone. Of course, many people regard marriage as the tomb of love, but I prefer to regard marriage as the destination of love, but marriage is not just for two people to help each other. Marriage needs to be maintained. It needs to be operated by both parties. If we want to have a romantic and long-lasting marriage, we must do it. 1. Learn to express gratitude. Don’t think that you are all old wives. You don’t need to be so polite, but read more