Take control of him! Understand the psychological state of men’s emotions

The appearance association is contemporary. Many people often think of a person as a first impression on the outside, but is the appearance really a person’s whole? Many people will pursue the perfect appearance in their imagination and forget to enrich their inner. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of people who do not like beautiful people, people who have no connotation, and people can not continue to get along. I have seen a lot of girls and guys asking a read more

When does a man need a wife to comfort

When do men need the comfort of their wives: mutual communication is the most important way for couples to get along. But many times men are more careless about the details, the details of the problem will not be expressed straightforwardly, such as when men need comfort, they will not directly ask, so as a woman, you need to pay attention, timely comfort to men. 1. When he was in a bad mood, he came back and sat on the sofa and smoked unhappy. He was paralyzed by his boss and he encountered something read more

The six psychological burdens of husband and wife when they love

1. The woman does not ask for high quality sex every time. Both husband and wife want women to get high-quality sex, or one-sided pursuit of so-called sexual effects, which is unrealistic. Experts point out that female orgasm is affected by many factors, so husband and wife: as long as you feel satisfied. Psychological pleasure is the most important. 2. Don’t force your partner to do things. There are certain differences in male and female abilities, and the individual’s sexual ability read more

Pay attention to 3 points to make your sex more harmonious

Sexual life is not harmonious. This is a problem that many couples have. In recent years, many people are studying how to make sex life more harmonious. Today, let’s take a look at the common sense of sex life with Xiaobian. Pay attention to 3 points to let you talk. More harmonious. Common sense of sexual life 1. The frequency of sexual intercourse 1 is the appropriate number of sexual intercourse, which is a difficult question to answer. The strength of ** is different, even if the same person read more

Men and women have different sexual reactions

Just married for two months, I had a few arguments with my wife. Not because of anything else, the wife is a good person, that is, the romance novels are much more, and they are not satisfied with the sexual life. I am a worker, my body is very good, my ability in sexual life is absolutely no problem, but my wife always said what I am not romantic enough, I don’t care enough about her in sex life, saying that I don’t want to be too anxious in sex life. I heard that my head was big and I didn’t read more

How does a woman take the appropriate initiative in bed affairs?

The woman is too active, the man feels that you are not ashamed, you are not active, you may be too ignorant. In sexual life, men are generally active and women are passive. However, in today’s sexual opening, women can become active agents of sex. However, women should also follow the eight secrets of female initiative, so that sex life To be more perfect. 1. Sexual passwords If a specific sex password is formed between husband and wife, sex does not need a long bedding. Just like a safe read more