upper body lymph glands

Methods ① Group: kidney, ureter and bladder reflex area; ② group: pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, liver, gall bladder, upper body lymph glands, lower body lymph gland, elbow, knee, outer tail bone, inner tail bone, inner ear lost reflex area; ③ group: Brain, cerebellum and brainstem, neck, cervical spine, shoulder, scapula, thoracic spine, trapezius reflex Operation, 1 times a day, 10 times for 1 sessions.

The reflex area of the ① group was massaged with mild massage, for read more

Raw frostbite is usually in winter.

Raw frostbite is generally in winter, and summer but no life frostbite, so raw frostbite and cold has a certain relationship, due to cold weather, and the human body hand length time exposure in cold air, will be affected by cold air, so there is frostbite, in the winter to take warm measures, wearing masks, gloves, ear masks and so on.

So winter rusty frostbite how to do? Below we recommend the treatment of frostbite.

Problems related to Frostbite

One, these factors lead to frostbite Frostbite good read more

Dietary principles of patients with hernia

With the improvement of living standards, some hernia patients hope to cure the hernia by means of therapeutic therapy, but the hernia patients can only be cured by surgery. Although only through surgery can be cured, but the diet on the treatment of hernia also played a significant role in assisting.

So what should be noticed in the hernia diet? It becomes a problem that patients are concerned about.

4 major dietary taboos of hernia 1, fermented bean curd, onion, chili and leek.

These foods are read more

Causes and treatment of bleeding after drug flow

We are more familiar with drug abortion. Before medical equipment was perfected, most women had to deal with accidental pregnancies through drug abortion. Although, the use of it has been greatly reduced, but there are still a lot of female friends for various reasons will choose drug abortion.

What are the common abortion medications? Who can use the drug flow? See below for more information on drug flow.

What is a drug flow? Drug flow refers to the early pregnancy does not require surgery, and read more

Reserve Bank of India cancels

Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cancelled the licence of Rajasthan-based Bhilwara Mahila Urban Co-operative Bank as it does not have adequate capital and earning prospects.

The RBI said it has cancelled the licence of the bank with effect from the close of business on 31 August 2018.

“The bank does not have adequate capital and earning prospects. The bank is not in a position to pay its present and future depositors in full as and when their claims accrue,” the apex bank read more