Wife needs to “squat” her husband needs to “hold”

A wife needs her husband to care for and care, and she will be more considerate, gentle, and virtuous. Her husband needs his wife to give respect, and he will feel that he has face and discouragement. Therefore, the wife needs her husband to “squat” and the husband needs the wife to “hold”. Couples’ lives have this kind of mutual effort in order to get the desired return. The wife is a woman who is “squeaky” because women always need a bubble of feeling to nourish their read more

8 kinds of behaviors of women make men unbearable

Tagore said that when God created a woman, he was an artist with a brush and a color box in his bag, so the woman would be so beautiful and changeable. However, the beautiful appearance may contain a cold heart, which is very understandable to men. For men, when women do the following things, they are the most powerful and cruel to them, and finally they will be left unbearable. Love is over. Flirting with other men In three cases, a woman will flirt with other men to arouse your embarrassment: read more

Low-carbon marriage makes marriage life better

In today’s society, everything is green, low-carbon, and so should marriage. If you don’t engage in financial instability in the family, the people will have no energy to engage in economic construction. The more inner wheels, the poorer people are. The same is true for families. If there is a quarreling drama every day, each will maintain the other’s family interests and grow up, because the other side’s derailment is sad, it is clear that the result of such internal consumption read more

Emotional classroom: 6 sentences that couples should not say

It’s a couple, it’s inevitable that there will be quarrels, for life, for emotions, for children, for many, but no matter how fierce the quarrel is, be sure to pay attention. If you go out, the water that is poured out, one will accidentally let There is a crack in the relationship between husband and wife, so be sure to think twice before you act. The first sentence: “How are you so annoying?” Woman, born with awkward words, but you must think that she said so much is definitely read more

Must know: the three rules of promoting marital relations

In reality, there are many people who have entered the marriage and sigh: How can life change so much before and after marriage? Then sparked emotion: marriage is the grave of love. In fact, many couples do not marry after they get married, which leads to conflicts of one kind or another. The following small series teaches you how to improve your husband and wife’s feelings, and hopes to help you. Rule 1: Learn to talk to the other party, don’t make a temper. I have a friend. She has read more

4 fresh tips in marriage

Marriage is like a high-speed machine that needs maintenance and adjustment. The lack of these things will lead to a rift in the marriage, until the stop, the couple’s feelings will fall. Therefore, insurance for marriage life is very important work. If you don’t ask for the best, don’t ask for the best to truly love someone. There is no such thing as the best in the world, let alone the standard of love, which is a subjective feeling. “Three thousand weak waters, only read more