What are the psychological preparations for cohabitation before marriage?

At present, more and more unmarried men and women choose to marry and live together, and trial marriage is beneficial but also risky. In this process, it is inevitable that there will be contradictions and quarrels or aesthetic fatigue. It is necessary to do a good preparation for 9 people to start a happy cohabitation life. 1. If you choose to live together, you must be prepared to discover his shortcomings that you don’t know. Before cohabitation, each date, each other is showing their read more

Get rid of 6 major shortcomings to help you get rid of singles

Do you have single men, do you have enough “women’s tickets”? Do you want to know where the problem is? When a man is dating a woman, the shortcomings you inadvertently expose may not be noticed, but the careful female companion But I have been away from you since then. Look at the following six major shortcomings, do you have it? If you find it, actively change it and get rid of the single body as soon as possible! 1. I don’t think about making progress. The idea of ​​”doing read more

Why have you never been able to get rid of the single title?

Do you often feel that everyone in the world except you is happy with your partner? Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you have any “problems”, if you are a member of a single club, And I really want to know why I have been single, then take a look at the following “7 reasons for being single”. 1. You are always very busy with life (especially if you are a person full of ambition and want to do anything). A stable relationship requires a lot of time, energy and emotion read more

Which cohabiting couples are destined to break up?

Some people think that as long as they fall in love, they can be together. Marriage is just a form, so they have cohabitation. But cohabiting couples will also go to two endings, either marrying or breaking up, and can’t live together for the rest of their lives. If women have the idea of ​​getting married, they must be treated with cohabitation carefully, because some cohabiting couples are destined to break up. 1. Among the couples who did not determine the time of marriage for the read more

Single women: do not pre-marital sex

Lead: There are many women around us who are a lot of older women, but they are still alone at the age of marriage. How do they solve their sexual life? Enter the article to see every day and night of the urban female white-collar workers. Recently, I talked about a friend and it is divorced. We are attracted to each other. After two months of understanding, he called me once to let him go to his house to help him take care of the sick child. I stayed at his house that day. A busy day and mutual read more

What do you think of 4 expressions after understanding men?

It is difficult for a man to talk about sex in general. However, if a man is awed by “sex”, it must be a reflection of the so-called “refusal period” after the orgasm. At this moment, the man is weak, or has no intention of fighting, or throwing a helmet and abandoning his eyes, his eyes are congested, his eyes are confused. At this time, it is also the best time to understand a man, because the truth is naked, because breathing is a breather, no way to escape. One, a long read more