Causes and treatment of bleeding after drug flow

We are more familiar with drug abortion. Before medical equipment was perfected, most women had to deal with accidental pregnancies through drug abortion. Although, the use of it has been greatly reduced, but there are still a lot of female friends for various reasons will choose drug abortion.

What are the common abortion medications? Who can use the drug flow? See below for more information on drug flow.

What is a drug flow? Drug flow refers to the early pregnancy does not require surgery, and the use of injections or medication to achieve abortion.

The application of drugs to the termination of pregnancy is the latest development in recent 20 years. Currently commonly used drugs are mifepristone (Ru 486) and the combination of prostaglandins, the former to make uterine degeneration necrosis, cervical softening, the latter causes uterine contraction, promote the embryo excretion. The drug flow is simple, effective and non-invasive, which avoids complications caused by the operation of uterine cavity.

Currently used for termination of pregnancy within 8 weeks.

Who can use the drug flow?

A healthy woman who is 5-7 weeks pregnant, not suitable for surgical abortion, such as:

1, Caesarean section within 1 years, the flow of people in half a year or have many history of abortion and pregnant, because the uterus has not been fully restored, surgical abortion is prone to injury and bleeding and other risks.

2, long-term use of steroids or lactating women, because the uterine wall thin, soft and fragile, easy to damage, preferably without surgical abortion.

3, the uterus deformity or the extremely inclined woman, the operation has certain difficulty.

4, very afraid of surgery or surgery has appeared in dizziness, flustered, cold sweat, pale and other symptoms of women.

Causes and treatment of bleeding after drug flow

Bleeding after the drug flow generally in 1-3 weeks, the total performance is: Bleeding a day less than a day, if the bleeding decreased after the increase or a little less or gradually increased, is not normal, the common causes are as follows:

1, incomplete abortion: the main cause of bleeding after drug flow, generally through gynecological examination and B-ultrasound can be judged 2, after the drug flow infection: If the B-ultrasound judgment is no residue in the uterus, then to consider the infection in the womb, because the abortion of blood is a good medium of bacteria.

If the situation is serious in the gynecological examination of the uterus will have tenderness, there will be fever and so on.

3, blood coagulation function is not good: some people in a slight touch, after the clip prone to bruising or pack, then may this person’s blood coagulation function is not too good, in the drug flow or abortion, you can have massive bleeding or bleeding time long and so on. Treatment: Because of many reasons, it is best to do a detailed examination after the hospital to judge.