Dietary principles of patients with hernia

With the improvement of living standards, some hernia patients hope to cure the hernia by means of therapeutic therapy, but the hernia patients can only be cured by surgery. Although only through surgery can be cured, but the diet on the treatment of hernia also played a significant role in assisting.

So what should be noticed in the hernia diet? It becomes a problem that patients are concerned about.

4 major dietary taboos of hernia 1, fermented bean curd, onion, chili and leek.

These foods are not conducive to wound healing and may also cause inflammation of the wound.

2, spicy food, spicy food is not conducive to the healing of wounds, but also may allow the wound to be infected. 3, carbonated drinks. Don’t eat cold food and drink carbonated drinks.

Due to the change of abdominal pressure is one of the factors inducing hernia, so be careful not to drink carbonated drinks, because carbonated drinks can cause flatulence and other conditions aggravate the small intestinal hernia. 4, easy to cause constipation and intra-abdominal flatulence food. Temporarily unfit to eat mung beans, cabbage, white radish, green radish, soy sprouts and so on. Eat less easily cause constipation and abdominal flatulence, greasy fried things such as potato chips, shrimp, chocolate and so also should not eat.

There is also a smoke and drink.

Dietary principles of patients with hernia

Hernia is mainly caused by the increase of abdominal pressure, so the diet of patients with hernia mainly pay attention to the following points: 1, choose Qingrun and not too cold and broken gas food, such as spinach, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, fungus, lotus root, herring, silver carp, such as fruit, such as Apple Grape peach.

Eat more high-fiber diets, including grains, grains, bran, and raw fruits and vegetables.

2, temporarily unfit to eat such as mung beans, cabbage, yellow bean sprouts, white radish, green radish, etc. fruit has oranges, pears, etc. greasy fried things such as potato chips, shrimp, chocolate and so on are not suitable to eat.

3, eat less prone to constipation and abdominal flatulence food (especially boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, peanuts, beans, beer, carbonated bubble drinks, etc.), there is a smoke and wine. Note: Hernia patients should pay attention to the diet during weekdays. Because the hernia with the development of the disease will bring serious harm, so timely treatment is also very important.