upper body lymph glands

Methods ① Group: kidney, ureter and bladder reflex area; ② group: pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, liver, gall bladder, upper body lymph glands, lower body lymph gland, elbow, knee, outer tail bone, inner tail bone, inner ear lost reflex area; ③ group: Brain, cerebellum and brainstem, neck, cervical spine, shoulder, scapula, thoracic spine, trapezius reflex Operation, 1 times a day, 10 times for 1 sessions.

The reflex area of the ① group was massaged with mild massage, for a total of 7 minutes, and a total of 10 minutes was massaged by a moderate manipulation of the ② group, with a light, medium and alternating beam stimulation of the ③ group Reflex Zone for a total of 15 minutes. Methods: Adrenal gland, kidney, ureter, bladder, neck, cervical spine, brain, cerebellum and brain in, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, internal tail bone, outer tail bone, scapula, elbow, knee, trapezius muscle, liver, gall bladder, inner ear labyrinth, upper body lymph gland, lower body lymph gland, pituitary, thyroid gland, parathyroid reflex area.

Operation massage above the reflex area, 1 times a day, 10 times for 1 courses. Methods The cervical reflex area was taken by three points. Operation with thumb, eat 2 finger arch into a clamp-like, clip the position of the cervical reflex area, stretching forward, then left, right, and then stretched forward. The above actions are counted 1 times in succession.

It is used to prevent 1 times every morning and evening, 8~10 times each time, for treatment can be done several times a day. Methods four points of neck, cervical spine, tail bone, shoulder and trapezius reflex area were taken. Operation first on the local skin to apply vaseline, with thumb finger face focus on the site of the operation, toward the heart or centripetal and the inverse of the heart each half push. It can be used in the reflective area to make a moderate kneading action. Each reflex zone is continuously pushed 100 times, and the time of each treatment should not be less than 20 minutes. 1 times a day.

After the operation, drink warm water a cup. Methods: neck, cervical spine, bladder reflex area, nerve root type: The reflex area of neck, cervical spine, shoulder and elbow, vertebral artery type: neck, cervical spine, head, cerebellum reflex area, sympathetic type: neck, cervical spine, heart, pituitary, gonad reflex area; spinal cord type: neck, cervical spine, kidney, lower body lymph gland reflex area.

Operation before going to bed with hot water soaked for 10 minutes, so that the whole body to relax, dry, first from the toe to heel back and forth massage, and then focus on massage above the reflective area, each reflex area massage for 3-5 minutes. Methods the kidney, ureter, bladder, cervical spine, neck, trapezius muscle, spleen, liver and thyroid reflex area were taken in six points.

Operation Massage Kidney, ureter, bladder reflex area each 3 minutes, the cervical vertebra, the neck reflex area each 4 minutes, the oblique square muscle, the spleen, the liver, the thyroid reflex area each 1.5 minutes. Methods The basic reflex area of seven coring points: kidney, ureter and bladder. Focal reflex zone: neck, cervical spine, parathyroid gland, cerebellum and brainstem, shoulder, scapula, trapezius muscle. Auxiliary reflex Area: Head, thoracic spine, elbow. operation, massage 1 times a day, 30-40 minutes per massage, 10 days for 1 sessions.

The basic reflective area is pressed 10~20 times, the focal reflection area presses 40~50 times, the neck and the cervical vertebra press 60~70 times, the auxiliary reflex area presses 20~30 times. Methods: Cervical spine, neck, brain, kidney, ureter, bladder, lung, shoulder, trapezius, head and neck lymph nodes, arms, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, tail bone, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland and other reflex areas. Through the Acupoint: The Committee, Kunlun, Yang Ling Quan, Hung Bell, bearing mountain, foot three points. operation, massage 1 times a day, 10 times for 1 sessions. ① point according to the renal reflex Zone 50 times, massage intensity to local pain appropriate. ② from toe to heel in the direction of the ureter Reflex area 50 times, push the speed to 30~50 times per minute advisable. ③ the bladder reflex area 50 times, with local swelling pain as the degree. ④ from the medial to the lateral foot of the lung reflex Zone 50 times, the speed of 30~50 times per minute is advisable. ⑤ According to the kneading committee, Kunlun, Yang Ling Quan, hanging Bell, bearing mountain, foot three points each 30 times, local abdominal pain is advisable. The ⑥ point presses the cervical spine, the neck, the brain reflex area each 100 times, to local pain is appropriate. ⑦ point by shoulder, trapezius muscle, head and neck lymph node, arm, parathyroid gland, adrenal reflex area each 50 times, local pain is advisable. ⑧ to the heel of the direction of the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar, sacral, internal and external tail bone reflex area 50 times, each point to push once for a time, speed to 30~50 times per minute appropriate. ⑨ from heel to toe in the direction of the thyroid reflex Zone 50 times, the speed of 30~50 times per minute is advisable.

⑩ Repeat steps ①, ②, ③, ④, massage 30 times per reflex area. Methods the adrenal gland, kidney, spleen, liver, cervical spine, neck, trapezius muscle and upper body lymphoid reflex area were taken at nine points. Operation Massage adrenal gland, kidney, spleen, liver reflex area each 2 minutes, the cervical vertebra, the neck reflex area each 4 minutes, the oblique square muscle, the upper body lymph nodes reflex area each 1 minutes.