Tiptoe is an ancient method of health

On Tiptoe is an ancient method of health, and very simple, often on tiptoe for sedentary or long-standing people are very useful, can exercise flexor muscle, conducive to smooth the three Yin meridian, so that the lower limb qi and blood running smooth and warm muscle.

Specific practices: Both feet stand on tiptoe, toe to ground, and the legs keep shaking up and down, can promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs. or feet together with the ground, tiptoe, and then relax, repeat 20~30 times.

Sedentary people are best 1 hours or so to do 1 times on tiptoe movement.


Staring at the computer for a long time causes the eye muscles to be too tense, the appropriate blink is equivalent to massage, can let the tear again evenly distributed on the eyeball surface, not only can play the role of clean, moist eyeball, but also can let the eyes get short leisure.

Specific practices: Blink your eyes a few times, then left, right, and turn on both sides of the eye. Repeat 10 times after staring at the distance for 1 minutes. This helps to loosen the eye muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes.

People with high myopia have to slow down in the blink of an eye.

Knock on your waist

Tapping the waist can dredge blood and strong lumbar ridge, because the governor veins in the middle of the waist back to the caudal, often knock on the waist can also play the role of solid lean kidney, for back pain, waist and knee limp and so have a good therapeutic effect.

Specific practices: Double-handed Hollow fist, behind the backhand, with the hands of the back slow, rhythmic alternating percussion lumbar sacral part. But be aware that the power to control, from light to heavy, must not use brute force. It can be tapped from the sacral to the point where the hand cannot be reached and then down to the sacral section. Or rub your hands hot, press come, pause for a moment, and then down.

Do 50~100 times every day, sooner or later.

Turned Able to exercise neck and shoulder, equivalent to neck massage, can play a role in promoting blood circulation, increase muscle strength, and help alleviate stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, neck and shoulder arm pain and other conditions. It is best for the office worker to have 5-10 minutes of activity every 1-2 hours.

Older people do it to avoid being too intense, or they can cause harm.

Specific practices: Head up as far back as possible, and then bow to the lower jaw as far as possible to the chest, so that the neck muscles taut and relaxed. Then let the head slowly around the circle, do a circular motion, to the left and right sides inclined 10~15 times. At last, lean back upright on the back of the chair and hold the hands behind the neck for a moment.