the supine lumbar lower cushion thin pillow

On the supine lumbar lower cushion thin pillow, waist pillow high from the height of a pack of toilet paper, gradually increased to 5-8 packets of height. In the case of pain can endure, can be extended to the supine position of the lumbar pillow time 3-5 hours.

Other time can be bent hip flexion left and right alternate side position, also can still supine position, double lower limbs raised in stacked quilt, in order to reduce the angle of lumbar anterior bend.

Leg Lift Stretch movement: Supine position is carried out. The first 4 clap for the left and right alternating straight back, lift the degree of the greater the better. The first PAT lifts the left leg, the second beat restores, the third Pat lifts the right leg, the fourth Pat restores. After four beats for stretch movement, fifth clap for both hands, sixth beat for stretch movement (make waist leave bed), seventh clap waist, eighth clap for lifting both hands recovery.

Make a total of 4 8 beats.

Cushing Lifting and stretching movement: Supine position, the first clap double hip knees, the second pat lifted the upper body, the third beat the upper body recovery, the fourth beat Flexion hip knee recovery.

Make a total of 4 8 beats.

Leg Stretch Movement: Prone position, double elbow flexion on the bed surface. The first shot for straight back stretching movement, the second Pat upper body after stretching, chest head up (at this time only elbow, abdomen on the bed, and then stretched to the lower extremity and upper body bow shape), the third beat double lower limbs, fourth beat the upper body, a total of 4 8 beats.