points In winter, it means snowing again.

1. Missing points In winter, it means snowing again. While people are enjoying the snow, don’t forget to make a kidney. Winter is the best season for nourishing your kidneys and keeping your lungs. The function of supplementing the lung and tonifying the kidney by the insufficiency of acupoints is also derived from its connection with any vein, which is the sea of Yang vein, which can complement the yin deficiency of lung and kidney.

Therefore, the lack of points also follow the role of any pulse, for kidney deficiency caused by diabetes, tinnitus, dry eyes and other disorders have a good regulatory role. Massage method: The hands of the cross-hand grip, then the left index finger is on the right wrist’s back, and the index finger under the column is missing points.

This acupuncture point at the intersection of the three meridians, so not only for the lung meridian, but also on the large intestine meridian and the meridian of the meridians have regulatory effects.

2. Internal closing points Have ning heart soothe the nerves, qi and relieve pain and so on, so often become Chinese medicine to treat heart system disease and gastrointestinal discomfort and other conditions of choice for the big point. The method of the inner closing point is: outstretched arm, palms upward.

Then fist and lift the wrist, you can see the middle of the arm has two ribs, the pericardium on the inside of the point on the first line from the wrist two-inch two ribs between. Massage method: Daily According to Rub inside the point, whether walking or closed eyes repose, can operate, for regulating arrhythmia has a good effect.

It should be noted that rubbing this point does not have to be too much effort, a slight sense of acid swelling.

3. Sea In ancient times, people inadvertently found that the puncture of this place can remove the human body congestion, so use it to treat the body congestion disease. It can not only remove the congestion, but also promote the birth of new blood, so it was named Sea. Sea is located in the inner thigh, please sit in the chair, the legs straightened, there will be a sunken knee inside the place, in the upper part of the depression there is a bulge of muscle, along this muscle to touch up, the top is the sea hole.

Massage Sea acupoint can enrich blood to raise liver. Massage method: Every morning at 9-11, do a comfortable press rub it. This hour is the spleen through the gas operation of the most vigorous, the human body’s yang is also in the upward trend, so direct rubbing on the good.

Each side 3 minutes, to grasp the strength, not easy to vigorously, as long as you can feel the point has a slight acid swelling feeling can.

4. Wei Zhong acupoint Acupuncture in the four total points of the song refers to the lumbar back committee, it can be seen that the Committee is to treat the lumbar back of the disease. The method of Acupoint coring is: flexion leg, the posterior side of the knee is the position of the nest appears transverse lines, and the midpoint of the transverse lines is the central point of the Committee.

Massage Committee in the point, the same can be used to treat the effect of lumbar back pain. Massage Method: For the Committee should take the method of 1.1, and at the same time with the leg flexion and stretch of the match.

This can not only treat lumbago, but also effectively relieve the leg of acid hemp and pain, for some lower limb diseases have a good health care role.

5. Stomach Meridian The axis of the sky is a hole in the stomach meridian. Located at the navel 2 inches, with the navel in a horizontal line, left and right each have a hole. In addition, the sky is the pivot of the large intestine. The so-called point is to focus on the organs qi of the chest and abdomen points. Because with the viscera is close neighbor, so inside and outside of the disease and evil invasion, the days of the armature will appear abnormal response, the role of the viscera disease signal lights.

From the position point of view, the sky hinge just corresponds to the gut, so often massage the pivot point, will promote the benign intestinal peristalsis, enhance the stomach power. Massage method: In the specific press kneading, you can use the thumb to rub the method, the force slightly larger, in order to produce a sense of acid swell is better.