Blood pass through, swelling and detoxification.

Blood pass through, swelling and detoxification.

Treatment of cold dampness, women through the closed, blood gas pain, laryngeal arthralgia, leaching disease, carbuncle swelling, ringworm, bruises, damage, snake bites. ① “Open Treasure materia medica”: “The main broken house blood, under five pour, thick cook.

” “②” Japanese Herbal Medicine “:” through the small intestine. “③” South Yunnan materia Medica “:” The Treatment of pain, cold dampness, insensitive, paralysis asthenia soft, warm rib, stop lumbago, cure the woman’s blood pain. “④ Compendium”: “Huoxue qi, swelling and detoxification, treatment of women’s blood gas pain, through the water coagulation astringent.” “⑤” Classification of herbal Sex: “to fight damage, throat, toothache, women menstruation is not adjusted, red collapse leucorrhea, blood pain relief, ringworm sores. “⑥” Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhi “:” Treatment of laryngeal arthralgia, external use of snake insect bites.

Pregnant women avoid clothing.

3. Do stretching exercises before bed

Guo Xi Heng Professor Introduction, sleep before the stretching exercise can help sleep.

The first step, clenched fist, then loosened.

The second step is to push the forehead upward, tighten the muscles here, then relax, then squeeze the brows into the middle and relax. The third step, hard to bite, teeth, feel the muscles of the cheek tightness, and then gradually relax.

Open your mouth, force your tongue against the lower front teeth for about 10 seconds, and relax slowly. Fourth step, lift the shoulders, slowly put down. Then the chest out, the back arch forward, the back has a sense of tension, and then slowly relax.

This step relaxes when you want to restore the original posture.

Fifth step, take a deep breath, hold your breath for 10 seconds, feel the chest full of air, have an uncomfortable feeling, then relax and restore natural breathing. The sixth step, the two feet to the horizontal position, toe downward pressure, tighten the thigh muscles, and then gradually relax, then the toe up, tighten the calf muscles, and then slowly relax. Then leave the whole body in a relaxed state for about 10 minutes.

This method can achieve the purpose of physical and mental relaxation.

4. Adjust your breathing to sleep faster

Guo Xi Heng Professor pointed out that before going to bed should concentrate on breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Inhale gently, lift your arms slowly, cross in the chest, separate, and lift to the top of your head.

Exhale and quickly put your arms back in position.

The entire process maintains a large circular motion, repeated four times. Nier Shaha, president of the British Pressure Management Association, says breathing like a baby (abdominal breathing) can help relieve stress. Here’s the idea: imagine an expanding ball underneath the navel. Hold your breath for 5-6 seconds and slowly exhale from your nose. Repeat this action 10-20 times every two hours. This set of actions will put you under a lot of stress.