important than cure, in the “Yellow

Health in Chinese medicine seems more important than cure, in the “Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra” mentioned in the “treatment of the disease, died has been sick, this is called also”, so in TCM it appears that the disease prevention is more important than illness. So since ancient times TCM how to carry out health care?

With this question we come together to understand the traditional Chinese medicine regimen, why these health methods have effect.
5 Words Health decision 5 Words Health care In fact is a summary of different methods of health care in TCM, and these health methods also correspond to different time periods.

Only in this way can we maintain the balance of yin and yang of the body and reduce the occurrence of disease.

1, the action “slow” a little

Slow health has always been a method advocated by Chinese medicine, especially for modern people should be slower. First, move slowly.

Whether it is to get up or exercise, do not be too impatient, too hasty, too strong will lead to body blood supply is not timely, persistent dizziness, palpitation and other phenomena. Second, eat slower.

Rush meals not only lead to the occurrence of obesity will also cause gastrointestinal diseases, resulting in the human body to the nutrient absorption of food is not adequate, harmful to health.

2, often do transport “move”

There is a sentence in Chinese medicine “Five Labor Health”, of which “long vision injury blood, long-lying wound gas, long sitting injury meat, jiuli injury Bone”, the four labor injury and not exercise related, do not move the blood flow is not smooth, appear qi and blood stasis, long-term so naturally will appear disease.

First of all, for young people can participate in some exercise relatively large, such as running, cycling, swimming and so on, on the one hand can increase resistance, on the other hand can burn fat, help to maintain a good figure. Secondly, for the middle-aged and old people can choose some movements relatively slow movement, such as Taijiquan, Wuqinxi, walking and so on. This helps to prevent the disease from appearing in the operation of Qi and blood.

On the other hand, humans will increase with age, metabolism will slow down, toxins are more likely to accumulate, so the right amount of exercise also helps to delay aging, clean up the body. In addition, exercise is not only physical movement, but also attention to the movement of the brain.

Aging is an unavoidable problem, and as the body ages, brain cells are dying and decreasing, doing more brain exercises can slow down brain death and mobilize the brain’s potential.

3, “Run” the body Run health can be from moist skin and moist viscera two aspects, water in the body about 70% of the weight, and each age group of people, the body water content will be different, the more aging, the body’s moisture loss will be more.

Or that the loss of water is the beginning of aging. First, drink more water.

Blood is the most important body fluid, but the blood flow is the water, a day of up to 200 liters of water from the blood vessels filtered out, if the body loses more than 15%, then will gradually lose vital signs. Secondly, to nourish the five Zang more. Organs’s hot and dry will bring a lot of diseases, such as lung dryness will appear dry cough phenomenon, irascibility exuberant will lead to oily hair, halitosis, acne and other problems.

So to ensure organs moisture, but also to ensure the health of the body.

Moisturizing organs In addition to drinking more water, you can also eat some health food, such as yam can run lungs, kidney and spleen, green vegetables into the liver and so on.

4, pay attention to “warm” Warmth is the focus of Chinese medicine, warmth is not equal to wear more, blindly wear more clothes is not conducive to health, Chinese medicine also has a frozen regimen of the saying.

Warm is to pay attention to the warmth of the body four, that is, arms and legs of warmth.

First, the body’s limbs are farthest from the heart, the most prone to the phenomenon of poor blood circulation, the warmth of the limbs can alleviate this phenomenon.

Secondly, there are many points in the human foot that correspond to the human organs, keeping warm can effectively reduce the occurrence of disease.

In addition, pay attention to some other parts of the body to keep warm, such as winter to protect the neck and back, navel and so on.

5, the Spirit put “loose” Modern people work under pressure, fast pace of life, resulting in human spirit and body are in a tense state for a long time. On the one hand, increased mental stress, endocrine disorders, prone to disease. On the other hand, the body will appear muscle stiffness, fatigue, soreness and other phenomena.

In addition, the rush of modern people compared with the ancients, breathing time is shortened, so relaxation is more important.

First of all, the spirit of relaxation, can listen to music, reading, but also can turn off the mobile phone, out of the door, to the wild to relax mentally. Secondly, physical relaxation, long-term body tightness will lead to blood stasis, qi and blood is not general rule will appear pain. Physical relaxation can be done by exercising, massaging and soaking.

In addition, doing deep-breathing exercises is a good way to relax. Modern people and the ancients want to compare, more need for food and other health methods. With the improvement of the body level, modern people do not lack of nutrients, and more attention should be paid to exercise and mental health. Above we briefly summed up the five key points of TCM regimen, hope that through the understanding here, you can also pay attention to TCM regimen.