around the beginning of a cold cough

One to autumn and winter, many people around the beginning of a cold cough, and a long time also did not see good.

So, micro-faith friends in the circle of various treatment cough folk prescription “came into being”, in which there is a dose of folk prescription is baked orange, the text is said- “Orange after cleaning on the fire on the roast, roasted to the surface of micro-Coke, and then take

advantage of the whole orange under the warm, can effectively treat the cough caused by cold colds, is the best cough medicine, the effect is comparable to cough medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Oranges are one of the most common fruits in winter, is it so magical to eat baked oranges to cure coughs? Orange Peel Medicine, the traditional method is not “baked” one said, but Orange peel does have the effect of moistening and resolving phlegm. Through the barbecue, can reduce the fresh orange peel the effect of the dryness, and quickly reflect the softness of the orange peel.

Home can be the whole orange clean and put into the microwave heat for a few minutes, can also be the whole orange after washing into the steamer steamed cooked to take, more health and health. It should be recalled that this method only has the effect of adjuvant therapy on cough and asthma caused by bronchiectasis.

In the case of other types of cough, or serious cough, it is recommended to go to the regular hospital after the disease medication. In addition, many people think autumn and winter prone to dryness, eating oranges more prone to fire, so be sure to eat less or even do not eat oranges.

Experts said that some people eat oranges after the mouth sores, stool dry, yellowing of the skin, blamed on the warmth of the orange and dare not eat, this is actually a misunderstanding of oranges. Orange is a cool fruit, the above situation is often caused by its own heat or a consumption too much, is caused by energy over-sheng caused by the body dysfunction. So don’t eat too much oranges at once, don’t eat more than three oranges a day.

The white silk of orange pulp “Shing” has the function of regulating qi, activating blood and resolving phlegm, and has the auxiliary treatment effect on the thoracic pain caused by cough, should be eaten with orange flap, should not be thrown away.

What are the effects of oranges, kumquat, oranges and grapefruit respectively?

Orange: Moistening the lungs and resolving phlegm The orange is gentle and sour. Its pulp has the effect of thirst, and gastric moistening lung. It is suitable for the lung hot cough, the stomach yin insufficiency and so on disease. Shing taste and bitterness flat, with Qi Tong, phlegm cough effect.

The orange nucleus is the fruit nucleus of an orange, with the effect of regulating qi and relieving pain.

Kumquat: Digestion and sober The kumquat is small and can be eaten with skin.

Kumquat Peel has a rich nutritional value, with beauty skin care, appetizer health, digestion of the efficacy of the hangover, commonly used in chest tightness stagnation, do not think of the diet or injured full, drunken thirsty.

Orange: Thirst The Orange is cool and tastes sour and sweet. There are thirst, appetizers, hangover effect, commonly used in the chest diaphragm full of stuffy, nausea to vomit, the hangover is not awake.

But the spleen and stomach empty cold, afraid of cold, after meal bloating people should eat less, lest eat more will make symptoms or illness aggravating.

Grapefruit: Sexual cold Quhuo Grapefruit sex cold, taste sour more than Gan, with nourishing Yin Heat, qi and phlegm, run lung clear bowel effect, often used to treat indigestion, phlegm and more asthma. But the spleen is empty and stools, cold cold limbs should be careful to eat.