carotene and vitamin A composition, these

1. Broccoli It contains vitamin C, carotene and vitamin A composition, these ingredients are nutrient-rich, can enhance the skin whitening. If you eat broccoli for a long time, you can make your skin elastic and enhance your skin’s resistance to damage.

is a more common method of whitening.

2. Carrot How does the carrot whiten? It contains a rich carotenoid component, carotene is a yellow pigment, when it is absorbed in our body, it can become a nutrient vitamin A original.

And carrots can long-term protection of the cells of some functions, thereby effectively reducing the formation of wrinkles, so that your skin delicate and smooth.

3. Milk How is the milk whitening method? It is well known that milk is very nutritious and is especially suitable for drinking at night.

In the evening to drink milk, the skin can be very good absorption of milk nutrition, so as to improve skin quality, improve the vitality of skin cells, anti-aging has a certain role, can help you eliminate some small wrinkles, so that your skin becomes fairer.

4. Soy Soy is one of the most effective methods of whitening. It contains a nutrient-rich soy lecithin ingredient.

These ingredients can effectively anti-aging, the free radical chemical activity of the skin has a certain destructive effect, but also can inhibit the formation of skin pigment.

5. Kiwi Many people are asked to eat what fruit can be whitening, in fact, a lot of fruit can be whitening, and in many fruits, is indispensable to the kiwi.

Kiwi is the main ingredient is very rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can prevent the formation of skin melanin, fade spots, and can effectively help you eliminate the freckles on the face.

6. Tomatoes Many people know that tomatoes can be whitening, then it is how to whiten it? The original tomato contains a nutrient-rich tomato red pigment. Lycopene is an effective way to remove wrinkles and make your skin delicate and smooth. If the long-term consumption of tomatoes, but also effective to eliminate dark circles.