Add water from the kettle roughly 1000 ml,

Cucumber Porridge: Require rice 100 g, tender pineapple 300 g, salt 2 g, ginger 10 g. Wash the lemon peel and cut into thin pieces of the center. The rice washes cleanly, along with the ginger

is smashed and cleaned. Add water from the kettle roughly 1000 ml, place on flame, below the corn, ginger, flame, then switch to slow simmer lightly boiled into the rice rotten to the cucumber pieces, then boiled into the soup thick, in the salt seasoning could be.
Frequently consume lemon porridge, can remove stains, skin.
Tomato Juice: ingesting 1 cups of tomato juice every day or eating berries often has a fantastic impact on preventing stains. Since the tomato includes rich vitamin C, also called”vitamin C .”
May impair the activity of tyrosinase from the epidermis, effectively lessen the creation of dark pigment, so the skin snowy, dark stains subside.
Lemon sugar Stir the lemon juice, then add the sugar drink . Lemon includes an abundant vitamin C, 100 g of lemon juice containing vitamin C may be around 50 mg.
Frequently drink lemon juice, but not just can white skin, but stop skin aging, remove face warts, but also have the part of preventing arteriosclerosis.
Black Infection JuJube soup: Require black fungus 30 g, jujube 20. The black fungus wash, red dates into the center, add water sum, cook for 30 minutes or so. Frequently take food, may be from the attractiveness freckle, bodybuilders, also utilized to treat facial black stains, shape lean.