Although ejaculation is not a major disease, it wi

Although ejaculation is not a major disease, it will affect the sexual harmony between husband and wife, causing the woman to be unable to meet sexual needs, and also cause harm to male self-esteem. The above-mentioned methods to prevent ejaculation too fast can be tried by male friends!

4. Relieve emotions and build confidence. Emotions before sexual intercourse have a particularly large impact on the speed of ejaculation. You should avoid anxiety, excitement and tension, and establish a determination and faith to cooperate with treatment.

3, the law of life, strengthen exercise. For example, Tai Chi, walking, Qigong, etc. are all beneficial to the health and mental adjustment of the body.

2. Learn knowledge and control things. Master some sexual anatomy and husband and wife life knowledge, know and master the normal sexual intercourse methods and sexual reaction process, it is not appropriate to over-regulate the husband and wife life, because the couples live too few times, is not conducive to the release of androgen.

1. Relieve the atmosphere and pay attention to cooperation. Pay attention to the mutual consideration and cooperation between husband and wife. Once they do not ejaculate, they should not seek each other and complain. Instead, they should find out the reasons and work together with the treatment.

How to prevent ejaculation fast?

Many diseases such as enlarged prostate, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes directly affect sexual transmission, resulting in decreased control and premature ejaculation. Reproductive organ diseases such as penile circumcision, chronic prostatitis, chronic urinary tract infections and other diseases are also the cause of premature ejaculation.

Second, organic premature ejaculation

8. There are always some people who think that they are “physical” and “kidney deficiency”. They worry that sex life will damage health and thus increase the degree of “virtuality”. The more serious this anxiety and fear, the more likely it is to cause premature ejaculation.

7, fatigue, excessive sexual life, sexual intercourse, lack of energy, sexual intercourse, it is easy to ejaculate fast, this is understandable.

6, premature ejaculation caused by excessive masturbation. Because of the fear of being discovered by others when masturbating, and acting rashly, it is easy to gradually develop the habit of premature ejaculation.

5, individual premature ejaculation is due to lack of sexual knowledge, inappropriate sex education, lack of sexual experience or lack of sexual skills.

4, lack of self-esteem, frustration, feelings of guilt, stigma, inferiority complex and other depressed sexual psychology, is also the cause of premature ejaculation.

3. The psychology of anxiety and depression comes from interpersonal relationships, family relationships and marital relationships are not harmonious, and various bad mental states can lead to premature ejaculation.

2. The number of sexual intercourse is too small. For various reasons, for a period of time in the state of abstinence, once sexual intercourse can cause strong sexual excitement, it is difficult to control and ejaculate early.

1. The rushed sexual intercourse before marriage is carried out under the tension of the heart, and strives for rapid ejaculation. Once the conditional reflex is formed, it is difficult to change the habit of premature ejaculation even if there is a sexual life with a certain sexual experience after marriage.

First, psychological premature ejaculation

What is the reason for men to ejaculate fast?

Ejaculation is a manifestation of male sexual life climax. Many men have ejaculation fast troubles, male ejaculation is too fast, women’s sexual needs have not been met, resulting in sexual life disharmony, and will also affect the relationship between husband and wife So how can I get rid of the irritability of ejaculation? What is the reason for male ejaculation? How to prevent ejaculation too fast in sex life?