In fact, there are many ways for men to have aphrodisiac. In

In fact, there are many ways for men to have aphrodisiac. In life, men can adopt the aphrodisiac method that suits them. In addition, men can also use a diet to make impotence. In fact, many foods in life have an aphrodisiac effect. Usually eating these foods can help the aphrodisiac!

Onion can promote fat metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, reduce the side effects of high pork fat, pork belongs to “wild” leeks, with melon, lily, have a moisturizing effect; add kelp, dampness and itching; add pumpkin, lower blood sugar Add bean sprouts, diuretic, and swelling.

6, pork with onions

The old duck can supplement the body’s water, make up the yin, eliminate the heat, and stop the cough. The power of the yam is stronger, and it is accompanied by the duck meat, which can eliminate the greasy and make up the lungs.

5, duck with yam

Chicken can enhance the body’s hematopoietic function. Chestnuts are heavy in the spleen, which is good for absorbing the nutrients of chicken. It is best to choose the old hen soup and chestnuts.

4, chicken with chestnuts

The content of methionine in fish is rich, the content of phenylalanine is less, and the tofu is opposite. The two can be eaten together. It can be long and short. The tofu contains more calcium. It just uses the vitamin D in the fish to improve the body’s absorption rate of calcium. And pregnant women .

3, fish with tofu

The mutton blood is warm and yang, ginger is painful and rheumatism, and it is matched with each other. The astringency of ginger and mutton helps the mutton to exert the effect of warming and chilling; the mutton plus yam supplements blood, strengthens the body, and laxative; plus the parsley appetizer and impotence.

2, lamb with ginger

Beef has high nutritional value, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, eat beef in winter, and warm the stomach, but the beef fiber is thick, it will stimulate the stomach mucosa, put some potatoes to protect the stomach, and the nutrition of the potatoes is also very good; beef plus steamed bread, Buzhongyiqi Can alleviate constipation.

1, beef with potatoes

What are the aphrodisiac foods?

(5) Mussels: Contains thick protein, warming kidney and solidifying, replenishing qi and tonic.

(4) Loach: Contains high-quality protein, which has the effect of nourishing the kidney and improving the sexual function.

(3) 驴 meat: Chinese medicine believes that 驴 meat has the effect of nourishing yin and strengthening yang, tonifying qi and nourishing blood, and sputum kidney can better tonify kidney and strengthen yang, and treat impotence.

(2) Egg: a nutritional carrier for human sexual function.

(1) Mutton: It is hot and has a positive effect on the yang.

Nutrition is essential for men, diet can improve sexual desire, prevent sexual dysfunction, and the following foods have an aphrodisiac effect.

5, food aphrodisiac method

3, groin. Sit back cross-legged, stretch your arms forward until the groin stretches for 3-4 seconds, relax, and repeat the action 2-3 times.

2. Abdomen. Daily exercise of sit-ups can strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, and the number of times increases slowly according to individual circumstances.

1, shoulders. Straighten your arms forward, grasp the left and right wrists with your right hand, and then stretch your arms over the head, applying a little force back until you feel a slight pull in the armpit. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and repeat the action 3-4 times after relaxing.

Reasonable exercise can not only maintain a healthy body, but also improve the quality of sexual life. Experts recommend 2-4 times a week, each aerobic exercise lasting 30-45 minutes, can greatly improve the quality of life and fun, reduce the occurrence of impotence, improve sexual desire, and achieve the effect of impotence. For the needs of sexual life, we can also focus on the following parts:

4, exercise aphrodisiac method

Massage the scrotum by gently rubbing the testicles from the upper part of the scrotum with your fingers for 2-3 minutes, once a day, without too long. This method can improve the blood circulation of the testicles and improve male sexual function.

3, scrotum massage

Testicles that produce sperm and androgen require a slightly lower temperature than body temperature. Therefore, the quilt cover the scrotum. The heat can not affect the function of the testicle. We can expose the scrotum to cool air to sleep to solve this problem. The “air-cooled” exercise method works well for young men, promotes sperm production and the increase of androgen, and improves sexual life.

2, “air-cooled” exercise method

Use alternating hot and cold water bath, as the name suggests is to first soak in the bath with hot water, the body is fully warm, then add cold water to the genitals, wait for about 3 minutes, the penis scrotum shrinks and then enter the tub, so repeated 3-5 times, Persistence of sexual function will be enhanced every day, energy is more abundant, and fatigue is reduced.

1, alternating hot and cold water bath to improve male sexual function

How do men have aphrodisiac?

In order to maintain a strong wind in a sexual life, a man will adopt a variety of aphrodisiac methods. Do you know how men have aphrodisiac? What are the foods of men’s aphrodisiac? Male friends who want to know the knowledge of aphrodisiac can follow Let’s get to know the amount!