The above introduction is only the reference value of the baby’s 100-

The above introduction is only the reference value of the baby’s 100-day developmental standard. It is not absolute. The development of each baby is different. It varies from person to person. If the reference value is not reached, the child is healthy. Parents don’t have to worry too much.

8. Language development is backward. When you are 10 months old, you can’t learn words and the pronunciation is not clear.

7. When you are 9 months old, you can’t take the initiative to reach for something. When you have an adult, you can’t support your weight with your legs.

6, 7 ~ 9 months still drooling, there is a molar movement when awake.

5. Slow response to external stimuli. At 6 months, you can’t look at the slowly moving objects above the face. You can’t turn your head in the direction of the sound. You can’t turn over yourself. You can’t sit still without adult help.

4, after a hundred days, there is a smile, and the expression is sluggish, or can not show a natural smile until 6 months.

3, too much sleep and not easy to wake up.

2, baby sucking ability is poor, chewing late, eating solid food, prone to dysphagia and vomiting.

1, crying abnormal, that is, from stimulation to causing crying for a long time, sometimes need repeated stimulation or continuous stimulation to cause crying, or crying sharp, or crying small powerless.

Performance of your baby’s developmental delay:

5 months male: height 61.0-66.4cm, weight: 6.3-8.2kg; female: height 59.4-64.5cm, weight: 5.3-6.9kg

4 months male: height 58.5-63.7cm, weight: 5.7-7.6kg; female: height 57.1-59.5cm, weight: 4.7-6.2kg

3 months male: height 55.5-60.7cm, weight: 5.0-6.9kg; female: height 54.4-59.2cm, weight: 4.0-5.4kg

Among them, the male and female baby height and weight indicators in 3-5 months are like this:

Weight within 6 months = birth weight + month age × 600 g 7-12 months weight = birth weight + month age × 500 g 2-7 years old weight = age × 2+ 8000 g

100-day baby development standard

The arrival of the baby brings a lot of joy to the whole family. The baby’s growth and development are paid attention to by the whole family. The baby’s growth standards are different at different times. What is the 100-day baby development standard? How to judge whether the baby is What about stunting? What are the manifestations of baby stunting?