The harm that impotence brings to men is very large. Once the s

The harm that impotence brings to men is very large. Once the symptoms of impotence are found to be treated promptly, men should not choose to be cured because of embarrassment. For the timely detection of impotence, timely treatment will minimize the pain, so male compatriots Do not ignore the treatment of impotence.

The treatment of mental impotence: the so-called mental impotence, in fact, refers to the difficulty of penile erection caused by psychological factors. As the saying goes: “Heart disease still needs heart medicine treatment.” For impotence caused by psychological reasons, of course, it should be treated from “heart” to restore confidence in sexual ability. Surgical treatment is suitable for venous and arterial impotence.

Surgical treatment of impotence: penile vein surgery includes deep penile vein ligation, penile foot vein ligation, ischial corpus cavernosum, urethral cavernous exfoliation, and internal iliac vein ligation.

Drug treatment of impotence: transurethral administration of synthetic prostaglandins, urinary tract administration of impotence, a one-time success rate of 65%. There may be side effects such as penile pain, urinary tract pain, testicular pain, and dizziness.

Sexual psychotherapy Yangshuo: Any type of impotence should emphasize psychotherapy, it is possible to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The human brain can transmit enhanced stimulating impulses to the spinal erection center, and can send out inhibitions to stop the erection center. Emotions such as anxiety and tension generated by the brain are often the cause of impotence. Masters and Johnson in the 1960s and Kaplan psychotherapy in the 1970s achieved remarkable results. Through a series of sexy concentration training to relieve the patient’s nervousness, eliminate anxiety and fear, enhance the confidence to restore erectile ability, and cooperate with the guidance of physiological knowledge and behavioral methods, so that the improvement rate of patients with no choice of impotence reaches 30% to 55%.

What are the treatments for impotence?

In addition to the above symptoms, this disease of impotence has some common symptoms, which are manifested as: the penis cannot be completely erect or the erection is not strong enough to satisfactorily perform normal sexual life. Symptoms of impotence Young people are anxious and impatient with impotence due to inadequate communication with their sexual partners or inconsistent sexual behaviors. Occasionally, impotence occurs, and it is completely normal in the next one-time life. It may be caused by sudden stress or fatigue, and it is not morbid. Impotence symptoms of impotence Although frequent occurrences, the penis can erect and maintain for a period of time in the morning or masturbation, mostly caused by psychological factors. Impotence persists and continues to progress, mostly caused by organic lesions.

Because of the different types of impotence, the symptoms of impotence are different. The more common ones are mental and organic, and neither of these patients is in the minority. Symptoms of psychotic impotence: The onset is more urgent, the penis has a spontaneous erection, when you sleep or wake up at night, there is an erection when you are masturbating or pornographic associations, you can’t get an erection when you want to have sex, or you can harden your erection when your penis is just touching the body. However, there is a weakness when attempting to insert. Symptoms of organic impotence: The main symptom is that the penis can not be erected under any circumstances, the incidence is slower, and progressively worse.

What are the symptoms of male impotence?

In this fast-paced urban life, more and more men are suffering from impotence. Frequent impotence not only harms men’s health, but also affects couples’ sexual life. Therefore, it is necessary to find early treatment for impotence. . So, do you know what the symptoms of men’s impotence are? What are the treatments for impotence?