For our health, men can not forget to lose weight, in additio

For our health, men can not forget to lose weight, in addition to more exercise in weight loss, diet should also pay attention to pay attention to balanced nutrition, reasonable mix, not only to eat healthy, but also to eat nutritious!

When you are exercising on a scooter, intermittently letting one leg press harder to increase the strength of the exercise. At the beginning, you can first pedal the pedals with medium strength for 4 minutes, then focus on the left leg and high-intensity pedals. After 30 seconds, change the right leg as the main force leg and squat for another 30 seconds. Then, the two legs together for 4 minutes at medium speed for adjustment and recovery. In this way, squat for 1 minute on one leg every 4 minutes and exercise for 30 minutes. This one-legged brake can help you burn 20% more heat.

The heat consumed by the movement of a single leg for 30 minutes after a force interval: 1138 jog

Heat consumption on a single-legged scooter for 30 minutes: 950 joules

Applying force on one leg while riding a bicycle

If you master the strong and weak rhythm in a half-hour aerobic exercise, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort. According to Dr. Catherine Jackson, the director of the Department of Sports Function at California State University, “If you continue to do high-intensity exercise, you will soon It will be exhausted, but intermittent rest and recovery can help you maintain this level of intensity.”

Relaxation and aerobic exercise to lose weight

Running is recognized as the best way to lose weight. If it is outdoor, it will be restricted by the environment. It is more convenient to choose a treadmill. The hand of the treadmill can increase the oxygen utilization rate by 8% and the heart rate by 5%. Of course, first of all. It is necessary to release the handrails on the premise of ensuring balance, and selecting a treadmill with a certain slope can improve the weight loss effect. Use the interval method on the treadmill to exercise at a high speed for a while and then to a lower speed cycle.

Running/fast walking

Swimming is the best way to lose weight. Swimming is a good systemic exercise, and it is very effective for improving cardiopulmonary function. However, you should pay attention to swimming, don’t pursue speed, and you can meet your heart rate requirements. good.


However, for safety reasons, the weight of the load should not exceed 20% of the weight. If you don’t like this weight-bearing method, try holding two long poles in your hand. Although they weigh only 0.5 kg, they can help you burn 20 to 25% more without any side effects.

The heat consumed by wearing a weight-bearing vest for 30 minutes: 971 coke long rods take 30 minutes to consume the heat: 1059 joules

The calories burned for 30 minutes: 883 jog

Carrying weight

What are the ways for men to lose weight quickly?

Drinking warm water can improve physical problems, thus changing the body’s basal metabolic rate and contributing to the burning of fat. Zero temperature warm water is prone to satiety. Warm boiled water can also warm the stomach, activate the intestines, and improve our physical fitness. Warm water can improve the skin and improve dryness. It also enhances immunity, controls active enzymes and fights aging.

Men should drink more warm water, and drink very cold drinks. Avoid affecting weight loss. You can eat spicy foods properly, which can warm your body and increase your metabolism. Do not eat white sugar during weight loss, you can use brown sugar, honey instead. Noodles and MSG can not be eaten.

Soaking natural plants, you can eliminate fat, take more baths, and can be done three times a week to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism. Scientific weight loss can’t be used to diet, and don’t take the wrong way to lose weight. What “Apple therapy” or “seven-day fasting method” should not be easily tried.

How do men lose weight?

Losing weight is not just a matter for women. Men need to lose weight. Losing weight not only allows us to have a good body, but also is responsible for our health. Obesity is easy to breed a series of diseases, so men should also pay attention to weight loss, how men What are the ways to lose weight?