While practicing pilates and yoga, boys are more focus

While practicing pilates and yoga, boys are more focused on strength than girls, but balance and tranquility are still the key to the sport. Therefore, it is best not to wear earrings and other sharp accessories, not only easy to hurt yourself in sports, but also inconsistent with this sport.


For clothes, it is best to choose a fabric that is gently drooping, which is convenient for some large-scale movements. Too heavy clothing may make your movements less light and free.

Pilates and yoga,Popular points: It is a pair of absolutely good running shoes.When you run, the clothes are loose, and the general T-shirt can be used. Of course, it is better to choose clothes with quick sweating and other functions. There are not too many trousers, as long as a cotton sweatpants, you can easily walk on the treadmill. Running shoes play a very important role at this time. A pair of good shoes, maybe it will bring you the comfort of walking and leisure. So you may wish to pick some high-tech, powerful running shoes. This kind of running shoes has good tension, softness, flexibility, and comfortable wearing. It also plays a good buffering role to protect your feet from sports injuries.


Popular points: A variety of boxing shorts are suitable.

Barbell exercises are a quick way to slim down, while also shaping beautiful body lines. When practicing barbell exercises, the most important thing is to wear a pair of shorts. Because the standard action can get the best exercise effect, and if you wear long pants, it will cover your legs and you can’t see if they are bent to the standard position. Shorts are best above the knee joints, which can help you to make every movement the most standard, and the range of movement is not easy to be limited by the pants.

Barbell exercise

Popular points: You can choose a colorful sports tights, the military camouflage vest can definitely put on a kick.

Fighting is the perfect embodiment of male strength and beauty. Tights are the best choice for fighting, and the material is better for sweat and breath. And the pants are loose, but don’t be too lenient. Because too wide pants may not help you do something like vacating.


Popular points: When you are spinning, don’t forget to wear a pair of fingerless gloves, which can hold the handlebars while protecting the palms.

Boys riding a spinning bike must be full of sweat and strength. A tight-fitting top can set off your perfect upper body muscles and lines, and reduce the resistance when riding, helping you to speed and passion. The ceiling. Choosing a pair of short or short pants suitable for length can reduce the friction and obstruction of the cloth when the knee joint moves. At the same time, it is best to wear hard-bottomed sneakers when riding, which will help the feet to be fixed and will not cause an ankle injury in high-speed sports.

Spinning bike


There are many male fitness programs, five of which are most popular with men, and the results are good. When you go to the gym, you must try it! Let’s take a look at the most popular fitness programs for men!