According to the theory of traditional Chinese medici

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, acupuncture points to lose weight by massaging specific acupuncture points, adjusting the meridians, five internal organs and endocrine in specific areas to achieve weight loss goals. The role of acupoints is mainly to


control the diet, to alleviate and alleviate the hunger in the stomach, and to provide a strong backing for resisting the will of the “food” temptation. Massage can reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, accelerate the metabolism and absorption of fat, and have a two-way high-speed effect on the digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, and glucose metabolism.

For example, massage the limbs with push, take, and shoot techniques; on the shoulders and back, press, lick, push, and take. Massage can promote metabolism, so that some excess fat is converted into heat and consumed, thus reducing local fat accumulation. It is especially suitable for local weight loss in the abdomen and limbs.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of obesity is qi and blood deficiency, and comprehensive conditioning should be started from spleen and dampness, qi and phlegm, and warm kidney. Massage weight loss is mainly applied to the local, such as the abdomen, buttocks, limbs, shoulders and back, etc., using rubbing, pinching, taking and other techniques.

3, acupressure massage diet

This diet is suitable for those who are sensitive to encouragement. When you lose 10% of your weight, you can reward yourself with a gift to help you stick to it better.

For people:

This diet is not very strict. The choice of food is so rich that you can avoid the lack of certain nutrients.


There is a week’s recipe suggestion, recipes, and heat comparisons for some foods in the manual. In the process of implementing this diet, I meet with the coach once a week to exchange experiences on success or failure of diet control this week. Once you reach your ideal weight, it is recommended to stick to it for 6 weeks to maintain a stable effect.

Each food can be labeled with a certain amount based on how much calories and lipids it contains. Calculate the amount you can take based on your gender and your weight. You can use the instruction manual.

2, continuous monitoring of body weight method

This diet is especially suitable for new mothers who are eager to lose weight and who are able to comply with dietary rules because of the rapid weight loss. If you are a person who is easy to give up, it is not suitable for this method.

For people:

You can eat 170-180 grams of starchy food for two nights a week, such as noodles with cheese and seasoning, semolina, whole wheat with tomatoes, lentils, without vegetable oil or butter. If you want to lose 10 kilograms of weight, you should eat pure protein food a day, another day to eat protein food, add vegetables and a fruit, and so on, until you reach the weight you want.

The benefit of this protein-rich diet is that it is suitable for young mothers who are often prone to iron deficiency. The strictness of the system is determined by the weight you want to remove. If you want to lose 4 to 5 kilograms of weight, you should only eat protein food two days a week (Monday and Thursday), protein food plus vegetables, and one fruit a day.


The fourth stage is the final stabilization stage. You can eat normally in 6 days a week, but every Thursday, or every Wednesday or Friday, you only eat natural protein substances all day long. You must strictly follow the rules so that you don’t gain weight any more

The third phase is the strengthening phase, during which you can add other foods and calculate the treatment based on 1 kilogram of body weight lost every 10 days.

The second stage is the cross-over period lasting 5 days. You can eat natural protein substances and randomly selected vegetables. You can eat only natural protein substances for 5 days, and then cycle back and forth until you reach your desired weight.

The first phase lasts about 5 days, during which time you only consume natural protein substances (fish, meat, eggs or milk).

This weight loss method is divided into 4 stages:

1, Bao Ma postpartum weight loss coup high protein diet

In general, the first child recovers quickly, and it is easy to lose weight. However, it is not as simple as before when the second child is born. After the birth of the second child, the prevention work must be done after the birth. The diet at different stages is different, and the exercise is appropriate, so that the stomach can recover slowly. So how do you quickly lose weight after giving birth to a second child?