Because lifting weights need to be forced, the force w

Because lifting weights need to be forced, the force will pull the muscles of the abdomen. For the mothers whose body has not recovered, it is easy to cause back pain. If the mother of caesarean


section is not properly stressed, internal bleeding may occur. Contraction of abdominal muscles may also affect the elimination of lochia. Some new mothers like to hold cute babies. Experts recommend that mothers try not to maintain the same posture for a long time. If you need breastfeeding, you can take a bed posture or a cushion at the back. Do not use your waist to support it, so as to avoid back pain. .

The taboo of the confinement of the moon: avoid lifting heavy objects, avoid washing things with cold water

Postpartum maternal body is weak and the body needs to recover. Therefore, rest as much as possible, do not climb stairs, and do not work too much. But it does not mean that you are completely lying in bed, you can still do some restorative sports to help postpartum recovery.

Confinement of confinement seven: avoid fatigue

Old people often say that during the confinement period, women should not watch TV or tears. In fact, it is hoped that the mother will let her eyes rest more, so as to avoid excessive eye strain and affect her vision or dry eyes. If the eyes are dry and uncomfortable, it may also cause headaches. Usually, if the eyes are uncomfortable or tired, you can use your fingertips to press around the eyes or rub the heat between the palms, and then apply the eyes lightly, which will improve the eyes’ discomfort.

Confinement of the confinement of the moon: avoid reading books, watching TV, avoiding tears

The diet of postpartum women should be warm, and the cold food is not only cold and not hygienic. Especially those foods that are more likely to cause allergies, such as seafood and cabbage, do not rush to try, or cause allergies or bacterial infections.

Contraindications for confinement: avoid eating cold food

If you eat too much sour and salty food during the confinement period, it will easily accumulate water in the body, affecting the body’s water removal, which may cause the mother’s lower abdomen to protrude. In addition, sodium ions in salty foods are more likely to increase the concentration in the blood, and the metabolism is affected, resulting in slower blood circulation. Therefore, it is best to avoid sour and salty food during the maternal confinement.

Taboo for confinement: avoid salty food

Many women have edema in the third trimester of pregnancy, and the postpartum confinement is the golden period of physical recovery. During this time, all the water in the body should be excluded as much as possible. If you drink a lot of water, it may cause the lower abdomen to protrude. The body is deformed. If a caesarean section mother may need to take some medication, still need to drink the right amount of water, but do not drink plenty of water at a time.

Confinement of confinement three: avoid boiled water

The postpartum maternal body is still weak. At this time, if the hair is blown out, it can cause a cold. In addition, the postpartum maternal body is loose and loose. If the cold wind hits the bone, the muscles may be left in the future. Therefore, experts suggest that new mothers should wear long trousers and trousers during the confinement. If the winter floor is cold, it is best to wear socks. If it is summer, choose thin long-sleeved clothes. In the hot summer months, the fan can be blown against the wall to promote indoor air circulation. In the past, it was thought that the doors and windows should be closed after the birth. The purpose was to prevent the mother from blowing up. As long as the cold wind did not directly attack, the indoors should still maintain proper air circulation.

Contraindications for confinement: avoiding haircuts and going out

40 degrees or so, then add a cup of medicinal alcohol, then wipe the whole body with a towel damp, the hair is also the same, using the disinfection and volatilization effect of alcohol, remove the grease. Some people still take a bath and wash their hair during the confinement, but still remember to wash your hair quickly and do not catch cold.

After the birth, the whole body’s capillary pores will open. If you take a bath or wash your hair during the confinement period, it may cause a temporary hypoxia of the scalp epidermis, leaving the sequela of migraine. The maternal weak after bathing, cold contact The air is prone to colds; and if the body is cold, it may affect the elimination of lochia. Some experts suggest that if it is really uncomfortable for the mother to use a hundred boiling water (after boiling water for another three minutes or so), let cool to

Contraindications for confinement: avoid taking a shower

Taboo during confinement

In ancient China, when the child is finished, it is necessary to sit on the moon, that is, to rest in bed. In the two weeks after childbirth, besides eating and going to the bathroom, do not tamper with other time. Do not walk around at will. If you sit or get up and move around, it may cause other lesions. In the month, you should climb less stairs. If you don’t climb, don’t climb. Otherwise, the leg joints will not be good in the future. Because every organ in the body changes after birth, the legs and feet move more in the month, and the legs and feet will have an impact in the future. So try to do the simplest activities after the birth, walking in the flat.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid the cold of infection, because the cold infection is a relatively serious disease caused by the cold, the body of the infected person will begin to decline, and the serious problem will be caused by many obstacles. Sexual problem. After the need to pay attention to the health of the lower body, to avoid the possibility of gynecological inflammation caused by infected bacteria, usually need to pay attention to rest, especially not overworked, but excessive laziness can also lead to obesity Possible, so you need to pay attention to work and rest.

How to sit down without a problem

It is a tradition of our country that women need to experience the period of confinement after childbirth. Many women are due to the fact that they do not believe in tradition during the month, such as touching cold water, eating cold food or blowing hair, and finally falling into the month of illness, and the body has various symptoms of discomfort. So, how do you sit down on the moon and not fall into the disease? What are the precautions during the month?