What is the difference between sleeping 6 hours

What is the difference between sleeping 6 hours and 8 hours of face each day? An experiment was conducted abroad to observe the difference in face between people who slept for 6 hours


and sleeped for 8 hours for 5 consecutive days. The results showed that people who slept for 6 hours a day seemed to be at least 5-10 older than those who slept for 8 hours. year old! Therefore, sleeping well is equal to beauty, women must pay attention.

Sleeping less than two hours and one night, the skin of the skin is indispensable.

How is it called staying up late?

In the true sense, it is a day and night to fall asleep at 12 o’clock in the evening. From the perspective of endocrine, sleeping at 11 o’clock in the evening belongs to staying up late. Today’s urban life is a fast-paced life, the pressure of work is great, and the way people live is changing. For example, the rhythm of our present day is accelerating, and there are many diversified things in the night, staying up late. Become a habit, this requires attention to the face protection of staying up late.

What is the biggest damage to staying up late?

Day and night disfigured to destroy the skin:

1. The first thing a woman loses in the night is the skin.

Lack of sleep, the body’s endocrine and nervous system will be destroyed, the skin condition will become worse and worse, the first thing a woman stays up in the night is the skin.

2. Not only dark circles, eye bags (not silkworms), large pores, rough skin, acne, but also affect the permeability and gloss of the skin, and become larger.

3. Sleeping for a long time, the skin will gradually turn yellow, long spots, wrinkles and so on.

4. Frequent nights and nights can also disrupt the endocrine of women, leading to endocrine disorders. Finally, the cycle is reflected on the face, the face begins to grow long, and the complexion is dim.

How to remedy when you sleep well?

Sleep problems such as poor sleep and insomnia are common problems of modern people. The most direct impact on sleeping a woman is that there is no spirit and the skin is worse. What should I do for people who are prone to insomnia and have low sleep quality? It is recommended that you drink a cup of lily jujube tea before going to bed, which can shorten your sleep time and improve your sleep quality.

In this face-watching world, if you don’t want to have irreparable facial damage problems, just take a good sleep, otherwise how much skin care can’t be done.