In fact, if you want to have a natural bre

In fact, if you want to have a natural breast enhancement, there are several ways to come and go. Eat more foods such as papaya Pueraria tea that promote estrogen, or massage more.


Natural breast enhancement takes a long time, but the effect is lasting, the hand feels good, and there is no side effect on the body, it is worth sticking to.

The size of the chest is actually very much related to wearing a suitable bra. Some people will say that you look at Wu Mei Niang’s chest, but they are all squeezed out, so as long as we bring a small bra, the natural chest looks like It will be great. It is also said that the bra is worn inside, as long as the number one is worn, the chest is also large from the outside. Whether you choose the big one or the small one, it is a mistake. To make the chest really bigger, wear a suitable bra. In this way, the chest shape can be better shaped, the blood circulation of the chest can be promoted, and the natural development of the chest can be enhanced.

How can a small chest grow bigger? Wear a suitable bra

Massage your chest before going to sleep every night. Use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of one hand to close together and place on the breast. Take the nipple as the center point and massage from the outside to the inside of the breast in a clockwise direction and circle. The breasts on both sides are performed 10 times each. It can promote blood circulation in the chest and enhance the nutrient absorption of the breast. Of course, if you can massage with a safe and effective breast enhancement cream, the effect of massage will naturally be better!

How can you make your chest bigger? How to massage your chest?

How can a small chest grow bigger?  Stick to natural breast enhancement to do this

The size of the chest has a lot to do with estrogen, and the shape of the chest is better after the secretion of estrogen is increased. b vitamins are the most important component of synthetic estrogen, and vitamin E is the main substance regulating estrogen, so you should eat more foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin e, such as papaya puer tea, lean meat, eggs, milk. Soy products, peanuts, grapes, sesame seeds, etc., are important ways to solve the problem of how small breasts can be made.

How can a small chest grow bigger? Eat more of these foods

Although today’s breast enhancement methods are also diverse, diet breast enhancement, exercise breast enhancement, breast augmentation, breast augmentation, use of breast enhancement products, etc., many flat chests, small chest MM for breast enhancement, but also tried and tried. However, it is really possible to solve the problem of how to make the chest small and grow bigger. What are the few? Let’s listen to Xiaobian to tell you.

How can a small chest grow bigger?  Stick to natural breast enhancement to do this

How to make the small chest bigger, I believe this is the most concerned about many small breasts and flat chest women. “Where there is demand, there is a market.” This is one of the reasons why breast enhancement has always been so popular. After all, the devil’s body is eagerly awaited by every woman.