Prepare a papaya, orange 130g, lemon 50g. Cu

Prepare a papaya, orange 130g, lemon 50g. Cut the papaya into cubes, cut the oranges and lemons into small pieces, and then put them all into the juicer and squeeze them into juice. Drinking papaya orange juice often makes the skin smooth, helps digestion, and can moisturize the intestines.
Papaya orange juice

Cut a large papaya into two halves and dig up the papaya meat to make a container. Then put the papaya meat and mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi and other fruits into the papaya container, add the right amount of honey, and then mix the salad to eat. Stick to this papaya salad has a good breast enhancement effect, but also the effect of weight loss and beauty.

papaya salad

How do papayas eat breasts?

Papaya is divided into two, cut into half, dip into whole milk, appropriate amount of oatmeal, sugar, and mix well to eat. It is best to eat it as a breakfast, and the breast enhancement effect is visible.

Papaya cereal milk

Put 15g white fungus in warm water and wash it. Prepare a medium-sized papaya and cut into small pieces. Add 12 grams of South Almond and 10 grams of North Almond to remove the film coat and clean it for use. Put all the prepared materials in the saucepan, and add the right amount of boiling water for 20 minutes to start.

Tremella stewed papaya

Squeeze fresh papaya into juice, pour in fresh milk and sugar, and mix well to drink. Drink one cup a day, drink it immediately after you do it. In order to maintain flavor and nutrition, it should be placed no more than 30 minutes in winter and no more than 20 minutes in summer.

Papaya milk

How do papayas eat breasts?

Papaya is sweet and has a high nutritional value. In addition, it has the breast enhancement effect that other fruits do not have, which makes it popular with girls. How do papayas eat delicious breasts? Here are some ways to eat papaya, you can refer to it.