n recent years, many women reported that many

In recent years, many women reported that many women have died of breast cancer, and the average age is very young, which means that breast cancer has begun to rejuvenate, not the old age is easy to get. This information allows women to constantly check their breasts for lumps.
Third, there is a lump in the breast

If you want to alleviate the problem of chest pain, you can start with the diet, eat more light food, and maintain a good attitude. However, if the chest is very painful, it should be taken seriously. Because the breast is also a part of the reproductive system, it is greatly affected by estrogen, indicating that the endocrine system or the ovarian function is severely disordered, resulting in lesions.

Most women will have chest swelling before the onset of the physiological period, some mild and some very serious. Before the holiday, the degree of swelling on both sides of the chest is relatively normal, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, because the hormones in the pre-menstrual body will change, and the level of estrogen will increase, which will affect the chest pain.

Second, the phenomenon of chest swelling will occur during the physiological period

Don’t treat breast asymmetry as a disease. This phenomenon is normal, as long as it is not particularly large and small. Plastic surgery can’t be done in pursuit of beauty. After all, any operation is risky, and health is important. If you have to change, you can adjust it by drinking papaya Pueraria tea. The special ingredients of papaya and puerarin can re-develop the chest.

Symmetry and standard are what every woman pursues, the so-called perfection. When you buy shoes, you will find that the two feet are not the same size. The average person is not very obvious, but some people obviously can’t buy shoes. They must go to the store to customize them. Also, when you look in the mirror, you will find that the faces on both sides are not the same size. Many genital organs seem to be symmetrical and asymmetrical, not to mention the breasts.

First, the breast is not the same as the normal phenomenon

A woman not only has a special physiology, but also has a special figure. How can a perfect body curve have less support for the chest? Many men judge whether a woman can be called a goddess. First of all, first look at whether you have a full chest, so the chest is not only for men, but women are also very concerned, but the knowledge about the chest, the woman must not be very To understanding. Below we will tell you about the five secrets of the chest.