30 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of all a

30 grams of longan meat, 20 grams of all angelica, 30 grams of red dates, 250 grams of glutinous rice, 60 grams of brown sugar. First put the angelica into the pot, add some water, boil it with medium heat, and take the slag to take the medicine for use. Amoy glutinous rice into the pot,


add the medicinal juice, longan meat, red dates (nuclear), water, the amount of water, boiled with brown sugar, then boiled for a while, then porridge, eaten. It has the effect of double qi and blood and moisturizing the skin. It is suitable for qi and blood deficiency, heart failure and insomnia, pale face, thin body, tiredness and fatigue.

Longan granules

Asparagus, black beans, black sesame seeds each 30 grams, 60 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar amount. Wash the asparagus, black beans, black sesame seeds and glutinous rice into a casserole, add some water, and cook the porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add rock sugar and cook for 1 to 2 boil. Take a warm morning and evening, 7 days for a course of treatment. This side benefits liver and kidney, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, solid teeth and hair, and prolonging life. It is suitable for whitening, pale face, neurasthenia and constipation.

Asparagus black bean porridge

300 ml of goat’s milk, 15 red dates, 250 g of glutinous rice, 30 g of raw sun ginseng and rock sugar. First put glutinous rice, raw sun ginseng (sliced), red dates (nuclear) into the pot, add some water, cook for 30 minutes with high heat, pour in the goat’s milk and then cook a piece of porridge, eat it. It has the effects of benefiting Qi, strengthening the body and moistening the tonic. It is suitable for shortness of breath, fatigue, facial muscle weakness, weakness of limbs, dry mouth and constipation.

Lamb milk jujube porridge


Middle-aged women are at the age of “there are old and small”. In addition to the pressure of work, they are often plagued by trivial matters of the family. These pressures are overwhelming, so the body will inevitably have some problems. Especially in the middle age period, it is more prone to lack of blood and blood. Women must know how to maintain health care. Xiaobian has compiled several kinds of porridge that can supplement blood and blood.